I apologise for the wrong spelling of YOSHIMARU at my blog title. I did make the ammendment but it is not reflected. It should be YOSHIMARU and not YOAHIMARU. Thank you.

After five working days, it is time for me to unwind an enjoy a nice dinner. Food therapy. Frog and I wanted to go Everything with Fries at Holland village but the place was fully booked when we reached there. Since we do not make any reservation, there was no seat for us. Business is good for them. However, there is nothing to worry about to find another place for food as we know Holland Village is a food paradise. We are all ready to search for another restaurant and relax ourselves on a Friday night. Our decision: YOSHIMARU RAMEN BAR

Ramen here we come.





Jap 1IMG_4152

The restaurant has a see through concept kitchen where you can see through the glass panel where the chefs are preparing the ramen for the customers. Guess now it is a very in design concept for restaurant. We are sitting at the bar counter facing the kitchen. Another difference experience of dining. We can enjoy the nice food at the same time chit chat and look at the chef prepare the food.

Jap 2IMG_4154

 Me posing with my ramen. Cant wait to try them.

Jap 3IMG_4155

 Shabu Shabu pork Ramen

Jap 4IMG_4156

The ramen soup is very sweet and tasty. The combination of the raw bean sprouts gives the whole ramen a refreshing and crunchy taste and the meat is not too fattening. The noodle is nice and soft too. Look at the egg York, it taste delicious. However, the egg taste salty and I am not sure if the egg is a salted egg or a normal egg. It goes well with the ramen. Yummy. I almost finish drinkin the soup. Opps.

Jap 8IMG_4160


Jap 6IMG_4158

 Frog’s order: CHANPON RAMEN

Jap 7IMG_4159

 Frog also like the soup and the freshness of the ingredients used for the ramen.

Jap 5IMG_4157

Oh before I forget to blog, we are given a bowl of sesame and we are supposed to grind them and garnish it over to the ramen. While I am grinding the sesame, i can smell the fragrance of the sesame diffusing out of the bowl.

Jap 12IMG_4166

 The ramen full of sesame.

Jap 13IMG_4167

 The see through concept kitchen

Jap 15IMG_4169


I guess it is better is seat outside as it is quite warm in the resturant. Overall, the ramen is  delicious and the ingredients use are fresh too. The price of the ramen is not too steep too and they have 10% of the total bill for citibank credit cards holder.

Jap 16IMG_4173

 Link to the Restaurant: http://www.yoshimaruramen.com.sg/

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Great food to end the working days and of course to start the weekends! Wohoo!



  1. Tan
    April 2010 at

    GREAT! I shall make my way down one of these days to try the ramen! Looked great!!Yummlicious!! =)

  2. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    Hi Tan,

    You should go and try.. But try not to sit near the counter bar as it is a bit warm there. 🙂

  3. Catherine
    May 2010 at


    Been to the ramen restaurant after looking at your blog post on this. The ramen here is really tasty! Thank you for introducing such nice places for ramen.


  4. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Catherine,

    Thank you for the compliment and i am glad that you like my blog post on restuarant reviews. thank u. 🙂

  5. June 2010 at

    Thank for the information. The ramen look so tasty and delicious. Slurp slurp.

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