One of my best buddies had seen the post on the homemade pizza recipes and she asked if I can make some for her. She said she felt so hungry after looking at the post. How can I say no to her since we are best friend. Hee… She has insisted on paying the ingredients of the pizza while I bake the pizzas for her.

Thus I had met her today at vivo giant to do our super marketing for our pizza ingredients. We had bought new ingredients beside the one that I had blog about it earlier. My friend had a liking for onions, sweet corn; salmon spread and of course mushroom too. We had fun super marketing together and debating on what ingredients to use and what not to use. I do not know that she loves to super market till today. Hee…She even wanted to add pork floss on the pizza but eventually we drop the idea as we are not sure it goes well with the mozzarella cheese.  We had fun looking for the ingredients together and it is a difference kind of experience doing super marketing with your best friend.

I am looking forward to this weekend to bake the pizza for her and stay tune for the pictures on the pizza that I will be baking for her.

Oh yes, thank you so much for buying me a box of strawberry too. You know they are my favourites.  🙂


  1. Vivien K
    April 2010 at

    Its fun supermarketing with ur gfs…. Cool!

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