It is fun to go on a food trip together with family or friends. This time round we had gone to Malacca together with frog’s friends.Malacca has the best of cultures mixture (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Portuguese and Peranakan) and you will be able to try out almost any dish or cuisines by the various races. These are part of what we had eaten for our short trip!

Restoran Famosa Chicken Rice Ball

pict 1image184

These are what we had ordered @ the restoran:

pict 2image186

 Succulent steam white chicken 

pict 4image187

 Table full of food!

I have read food blogs that if you are in Malacca, you must try the chicken rice ball. The rice is smashed and roll into small balls. Personally i do no like the chicken rice balls as it taste very mashy. It does not have the aroma and taste of the normal chicken rice. You can order the rice balls if you want to try it.

pict 3image188

 Ipoh Beansprouts

 I like the ipoh beansprouts as it taste different from the beansprouts that we have eaten in Singapore. The ipoh beansprouts do not have the ‘raw’ taste and is very fresh.

pict 6image195


Red beans + Chendol drizzle with gula melaka syrup and coconut mik! We love this chendol and the taste of gula melaka as the syrup. The chendol has a cooling effect for such a  hot weather in Malacca.

After our late  lunch, we had make our way to Jonker street for more food hunt and shopping!

San Shu Gong

pict 10image211

A place that sells Malacca goodies, sauces, cofffee, milk tea. Frog and I had bought our favourite 3 in 1 coffee and milk tea over at San Shu Gong.

pict 12image212

pict 11image214

We had seen a lot of people queuing for durian chendol. The stall is located in San Shu Gong. Without any hesitation, we had also gone to purchase the durian chendol to try it.

pict 13image215

Durian Chendol

pict 14image218

pict 15image221

It is time for dinner again after shopping and walking around at Malacca places of interest. If you have read food blog on what to eat in Malacca, you will know that Restoran Capitol Satay Celup is the famous place for  satay celup. An assortment of raw seafood, meat, vegetables on satay stick and they are cooked in a pot of hot boiling satay sauce.

pict 16image223

From the picture above, you can see the long queue forming outside the restoran. We did not wait as the queue was very long and instead we pop by to Kedai Sate Celup opposite the capital satay restoran.

pict 8image240

pict 11image227

 Table full of stay sticks!

pict 9image228

Time to dip the raw food into the boiling satay sauce. The food does goes well with the satay sauce and is very delicious. A unique way of eating the food.

pict 10image231

The uncle had given us bread to dip into the satay sauce. Although we did not order rice to go with the satay sticks, we had already felt so full after eating all the stay sticks! Time to shop around Jonker walk.

pict 12image243

  Jonker Walk

pict 13image244

Nonya Delights

pict 14image257

Pineapple Tarts and Beh Teh Soh

pict 15image259

Steamy Dim Sum

Along the street of Jonker walk, you can find stalls selling their local food such as nonya kueh, pineaaple tarts, dim sum and etc. We had passed by a stall selling durians and to satisfy our durian crave, we had ordered durians to eat though we are so full!

pict 16image262

pict 17image263

By looking at the abve durian picture, I need not to further describe how delicious the durian was. We had not regretted having the yellow fleshy durians despite being so full.

We had enjoyed the Malacca trip and can’t wait for another food trip soon!

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