This is my 2nd visit to Hong Kong. The first visit was about 7 years ago. How time flies. Frog and I really love the food in Hong Kong~Not forgetting the milk tea!! I am a fan of their milk tea. It tastes different from Singapore one which I guess the tea flavour is not that strong for Hong Kong style. The people in Hong Kong emphasis the important of having breakfast and they really wake up early to have their breakfast at the cosy restaurant / coffeehouse. I saw some of the people reading story book, newspaper and at the same time eating their breakfast.

For Singaporean, we normally have bread for breakfast, or for some even skip the first meal of the time. For them, their breakfast is porridge with you tiao and hot milk tea / Soya milk or wan tan mee or toast bread. However, I had seen most people ordered porridge with you tiao with a cup of warm beverage. Oh not forgetting their favourite zhu chang fen (rice noodle). Hong Kong is really a food paradise. Thinking back of I had eaten in Hong Kong makes me hungry now! Pictures mean a thousand words.

We visited Hung Lee Resturant almost every morning for our breakfast. The resturant opens 6 am daily. It is within walking distance from Royal Park hotel that is located in Tsim Sha Tsui.

The Wan Tan Mee in Hong Kong definitely taste better. It is simply delicious! Not oily and the ingredients used to make the want tan (dumpling) are very fresh. The noodle is very fine and smooth and thinking back of the noodle texture that i had eaten makes me drool.

油条+ 热HK奶茶

You Tiao and a cup of hot HK milk tea. Yummz! The you tiao is thicker and it taste different from Singapore ones.


Pork Innard porridge. Look at how smooth the porridge is. The innards are very fretoo! Goes well with you tiao.

Pork Meat Ball porridge  猪肉丸稀饭

When you visit Hong Kong, you must definetly eat the dim sum there! The price is cheaper than Singapore too.

Zhu Chang Fen 叉烧猪肠粉

CaterKing Dim Sum ( Tsim Sha Tsui)

Steaming Hot Xiao Long Bao 小笼包

Chicken Fan Choi

Fried Dumpling 

Fried Carrot Cake with XO sauce

Beside eating, frog and i also shop till we drop. Me taking my coffee break and resting our leg before continuing our journey.

The hong kong people also emphasis of having soup in there meal. They can really make good soup. I had tried the soup in one of the resturant and it was very tasty. It taste like home made soup. Frog and I had finished the whole bowl and the good thing was we do not feel thirsty after drinking the soup. Meaning no msg added to the soup?

Table full of delicious food plus big bowl of rice to go along with the dishes.

Red bean + milk

Succulent steam chicken

Ice Milk Tea

Although this is my 2nd visit to Hong Kong, the food there is still as tasty as before. I really can’t get enough of Hong Kong cuisine. I hope to visit Hong Kong again!



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