I am still in Holiday day mood despite being back in singapore 3 weeks ago. Still remember on previous post on What to eat in Hanoi? Part 1 ? Shall now continue on and introduce more of Hanoi local food.

 Vietnamese Fried Spring Roll

The ingredients (minced pork, unshelled shrimp, mushrooms, dried onions, duck/chicken egg and some seasoning) are mixed together and wrap with the rice paper. Afterwhich, the wrapped roll are fried with oil. The fried roll are garnish with herbs, fresh lettuce and you can dip them in fish sauce too. Yummy! I am missing the fried spring roll!

 Prawn Roll

An healthier version of the fried spring roll. The herbs, mint leaves, carrots, fresh prawns, cooked vermicilled noodles are wrapped with rice paper. The prawn roll is dipped in sweet spicy sour sauce. Very refreshing after taste. A must try food too!

 Vietnamese Baguette

I had been eating baguette almost every day in Hanoi. There baguette taste different as it is softer as compared to those in Singapore. I had did search on vietnamese Baguette recipe and realise that it contain little butter. Perphaps that is the reason why the bread texture is soft and light. I will definetly try baking them one day!

Frog and I had been planning on where will be our next trip? It is enjoyable to go for short trip and experience the life of the people there. I will also share their local cuisine in my blog too.

Have a great weekend ahead!

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