I had heard a lot of good. reviews from magazine and blogs on Twelve Cupcakes open by Daniel Ong and Jamie Teo. Happen to be at Millennia  Walk on Tuesday and got these cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes level 1. I really love the décor and ambience of the cake store- It is very cosy, neat with yummy decorated looking cupcakes placed nicely in the glass counter for customer to choose from. Think they are having a promotion right now after 7pm, 3 cupcakes for the price of 2 only.The staff told us when we are in the store. Each cupcake cost $3 and the daily special cost $3.50. I have wanted to try their red velvet cupcakes but was already sold out.  However their other cupcakes looking delicious too and i took some time to choose for my 3 cupcakes. The cupcakes are put in a pink cupcake box. So Sweet!

 Cupcakes from twelve cupcakes

My Selection of Cupcakes

PB Chocolate CupCake

Cookies and Cream CupCake

Mocha CupCake

The cream on top of the cupcakes is not too sweet and overallsweetness of the cupcake is reasonable. I had eaten cupcakes that is so sweet that I do not eat the creams/frosting. However for these cupcakes from Twelve Cupcakes, I had eaten the whole cupcake including these cream. The cupcakes are moist and soft. Although the cupcake is not very big in size, the taste of it compensates all. Quality food. Not too sweet but rich in flavour!

The cupcakes are worth a try and they have another store in United Square #B1-60. I just saw from twelve cupcakes facebook wall that they are opening their 3rd store soon! Hopefully they will update soon where will be their 3rd store location.


Twelve Cupcakes

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