With such an atmosphere that is almost like dining under the stars in the recent upcoming festive season, it is a good time to find a place to sit down, relax and taking the time at your own pace. So where do you go then?

The Society Cafe is a cafe that I stumbled upon at Plaza Singapura. It is located on the fifth floor on a bridge link. On the bridge link (and especially the spot I sat) and the high ceiling of the shopping centre, it gives the floating-in-mid-air and plenty-of-space feel, it makes you feel really relax. Furthermore, it is almost free of noise due to the large space around this cafe (unlike in a typical enclosed coffeehouse).

Since it was not crowded at that time, I decided to settle down there while waiting for my wife. Few people were there settling down talking and chilling out with friends. They also have those soft cusioned seats too. It was indeed a cosy place.

I was offered the menu and special for the day as usual anywhere when you sat down on the table shown to you. They have a special for the day going at $9.00++ for a drink of either coffee or tea and a choice of any of their artisan cakes. Since I always wanted to try Lemon Meringue Tarts ( I know it is a normal tart but hey, it is always on TV and I don’t get to try it and I am like a country pumpkin. Haha!), I ordered it. The coffee and tea choices are really many!!! Except for the chocolate drinks, the rest of the hot coffee and three basic iced coffees can be ordered (sorry but I am a coffee fanatic so I didn’t pay too much attention to the teas but trust me, the tea choices are a lot as well). Oh how can I forget, their artisan cakes has many to choose from too. In the end, my order looks like the following:

(Lemon Meringue Tart and a Ice Cafe Latte…and a pretty big glass of it.)

The ice cafe latte was pretty good. I did not add any sugar in it and it is fragrant. I was busy blogging on my own blog at that time and despite the ice have melted, the coffee taste and fragrance did not fade. I guess if you must have some sweetness in your latte, a little should do the job to balance the coffee taste, fragrance and sweetness. Don’t forget, there is the Lemon Meringue Tart waiting for you to eat.

The Lemon Meringue Tart’s presentation took me by surprise. As you know, most coffeehouses just put the cake or tart on a simple white dessert plate and serves it to you. This is different as you can see….even does the chocolate drizzles on the plate. The tart’s crust was the hard type, not the crumbly type. It took me some time to get used to cutting it with the dessert fork as I thought it would be the crumbly type (it’s my first time after all forgive me). The crust’s tasty though. The meringue’s torched nicely and just right. It is not burnt or “undertorched”.

Cutting up the tart reveals the lemon custard filling. The lemon taste is not too overpowering and the custard’s texture is not too soft or watery. So you would take a bit of the crust, a little of the meringue and a little of the lemon custard all on the fork and place it gently in your mouth altogether. It is then followed by a sip of the lightly sweetened or unsweetened latte or hot tea down the throat. It was good.

All in all, what I will be spending on these two items individually will be at least $14.00. But when the bill came, it was only $9.65. The special of the day deal is well worth and where can you find a cafe that is so atmospheric, easy to chat without having to fight your voice with other patrons, “space to breathe” and convenience? They also serve dinner as well on their menu and the staffs are great.

Sitting alone or with friends in this cafe, The Society Cafe, will not disappoint anyone who wishes to have some quiet relaxing time with friends r simply yourself. Furthermore with this good deal, I cannot think of any other reasons why I shouldn’t come to this place again the next time.

The address is as follows:

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road #05-20 Singapore 238839
T: 63384023 / F: 63384023

Operating Hours
Mon – Thu & Sun: 10.30am – 11.00pm daily
including Friday, Saturday and eve of public holidays.

*This post is contributed by guest writer and blogger’s hubby, Frog.


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    That’s exactly what I like right here 🙂 Nice!

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