owl cafeAnd so we were in Bedok last Saturday prior to a family gathering to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival, we were famished as we didn’t had lunch (due to my commitment to another project) and it was too late to have a proper lunch, we decided to snack out for save our tummy space for a feast later on in that evening. We’ve been to Bedok Point numerous times and The Owl Cafe is one of the latest addition to its eatery joints. We decided to give its snack a try.

owl cafeWe ordered two snacks and they were the Crispy Duck Prata and Pumpkin Kaya Toast. Of course, it’s Owl Cafe and so we ordered Teh and Kopi-O to go along.

crispy duck prata

Crispy Duck Prata ($6.20)

The Crispy Duck Prata is a roll snack of what we called it fusion between the Peking Duck and the Roti Prata. It is very unique, the idea of combining both the Indian and Chinese favourites into this snack. Sadly, we think it’s kind of a bad idea. Why? The prata skin is thick and rolling it becomes thicker, duck meat is thick and the sauce is pretty plentiful. The result? Once you bite into the roll, it becomes more like a struggle to keep your ingredients in place so you can eat all of them. The sauce may get squeezed out. Since the prata is thick and rolled, it was rather hard to bite. Even if you managed to get all the prata, duck and sauce in place into your mouth, you will be biting more of the prata than the duck meat.

crispy duck prataIf the people at Owl Cafe are looking for a Peking Duck experience fusion with Indian cuisine, we think they may want to consider wrapping in Tissue Prata or least thinner prata (considering you have to roll it too) instead since the idea of Peking Duck is to enjoy the duck, the scallion, the cucumber and the sauce wrapped up together in a thin egg roll. We think the idea is good but just the realization of the Crispy Duck Prata turns out the opposite.

We think it will be better to order the Pumpkin Kaya Toast which we think it’s delicious.

pumpkin kaya toast

Pumpkin Kaya Toast ($2.20)

Looks like your typical kaya toast? No it’s not. This is the Pumpkin Kaya Toast. A very simple toast consisting of kaya and butter and….pumpkin paste. The toast is served hot with soft bread sandwiching the kaya, the pumpkin paste and butter. The toast is served hot and the butter between just melts out of the middle and soaks into the bread. Normally the butter served elsewhere is still cold, hard and not spread out enough, leaving you eating some parts of the toast without the butter.

The feeling of both the kaya and melted butter mixing up together in a toast is so yummy but add that to a well-spread of pumpkin paste, it’s so good. We think the Owl Cafe people considered the fact that kaya itself is sweet and thus the pumpkin paste does not taste overly sweet as well. The three spreads within the toast works well enough to give a balance taste. The bread is soft. Just look below! Looks like 流沙 bread right? 

pumpkin kaya toast

Their Teh and Kopi-O are good too. They are not diluted at all. The Kopi-O and Teh has a striking balance of both the aroma and richness and they both come in quite a big cup too. Actually, the big cup comes with a price that is higher than the other cafes out there.

kopi-o and teh

Kopi-O ($2.20) and Teh ($2.30)

But then think of it carefully, this is actually more worth it although it’s looks more expensive. Well, you pay for what you get for a big cup of good coffee and tea…ahem, Kopi-O and Teh. We think if you love good Kopi/Teh and gulp them over kopi talk instead of sip, we think the capacity at The Owl Cafe can fuel you nicely throughout the session.

The cafe is softly lit, pretty quiet but the downside is, the seats are limited. It has heartlandish staff too.

The Owl Cafe has many other mains, snacks and beverages on their menu. But right now, if you are looking for a nice cosy place with minimum noise levels to talk, relax your afternoons with a cup of nice aromatic coffee/tea or simply want to snack on good toasts for tea time, why not consider going to The Owl Cafe at Bedok Point?

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