Last weekend was a fruitful one as frog and I had explored tiong bahru estate. An old estate with quite a lot of cafes and bakery shop opening in the area. It gives people a different kind of feel.  I had read many blogs on new bakery and café sprucing in tiong bahru estate and been wanting to try them out. One of the café is The Orange Thimble.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon and we had our lunch at The Orange Thimble. You got to order the food at the counter and the staff will pass you a buzzer. Once your food is ready, the buzzer will buzz and you can collect them at the counter. One advantage of self ordering and collection of food is that the café do not charge service charge that makes the price of the food relatively affordable.

The Buzzer

I love the  cafe latte as it is not too sweet. Slurp slurp!

We had ordered the English Breakfast set that is presented in such a cute presentation. It definetly make us feel happy by looking at our food.

 English Breakfast Set $11.80

A nice and cosy place for coffee and food. There are a few cafes around that area and hope to try them out some days.

I am looking forward to Pre-BakeOff get together this sat @ The Broers Cafe on the briefing for The Bake Off 2012. Just bought some of the ingredients today and will check through to see what i need ! Mid week and stay tune for more blog post!

Cheers! 😆

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