If you are in Ho Chi Minh, you got to try out the food over at The Lunch Lady. It is not a place where you dine in fanciful restaurant but is a stall set up by the road where you sit in small stool and dine like the locals over in Ho Chi Minh. My colleagues had tried the noodles from The Lunch Lady and he had strongly recommended me to try it if I am going to Ho Chi Minh. Frog and I had decided to try the noodles at The Lunch Lady and after asking around for direction, we had reached the place.



Upon arriving, the people are very warm and an uncle had shown us to our seat. Perhaps they knew that we are tourists, fresh spring rolls or otherwise known as Goi Cuon and fried spring rolls were served to us once we are seated. The spring rolls are very fresh and it goes very well with the home made dipping sauce.


We had ordered a bowl of Bun Ca Ri instead as we see from the others the serving is quite big. The soup base is different from the Vietnamese Pho that we had eaten before. Look at the ingredients on the bowl of Bun Ca Ri; Chicken drumstick, potatoes, fresh green leaves and I must say that the soup is heaven. The soup is not clear but cloudy and yes, it’s Vietnamese curry. The rice noodles are round and they are thicker than the usual Pho that we had eaten. I am not too sure how they had cooked the broth, I had read from other blog that the stall owner lady has purchased fresh ingredients daily from the wet market early in the morning. I guess the soup base will definitely comprise of a lot of ingredients. The Lunch Lady serves different menu each day.





The Lunch Lady is located in District 1 at Hoang Sa. The stall is not easily visible from the main road. The Bun Ca Ri is only available on Wednesdays during lunch hour and do come early as they often sells out further more it is not easy to locate the place. You got to trust me; this is the best noodle soup I had eaten for my Ho Chi Minh trip. The soup broth is beyond description.

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