Went shopping at compass point shopping mall with frog and happened to saw this new cake shop at the basement near the escalator. The shop is very well decorated (very kawaii) with the bakery staff wearing white uniform with pink aprons. The concept of a Japanese cake shop with delicious looking cakes at the counter. I went home to Google search and I am surprise that the shop is under the bread talk. The cake shop even had the design it yourself cake with decorative design and toppings to go with. Colorful icing hearts, ribbons, stars, etc and ribbons to decorate the cake. A good way of flaunting your creativity and a sincere way of making a nice self decorated cake for your love ones too. Great place for children to learn to ‘decorate’ their own cakes too.

This is what I bought from the icing room. Chocolate puff ( 2 for $2.50) and peanut butter swiss roll cake ($6.80).  The cake is not too sweet and it taste great. Look at the peanut butter (with small chunks of peanuts) in the centre of the Swiss roll cake. Those peanut butter swiss roll cakes that I had eaten are normally coated with fresh cream or butter cream at the centre of the cake. The cake from the icing room is fresh, fluffy and delicious. The salesperson told us that it is best to consume the cake within 3 days.I will definitely try other flavors type of cake too.

pict 52IMG_3899

Peanut Swissroll Cake ( Coated with a top layer of peanuts with with peanut butter chunk at the center of the cake)

pict 53IMG_3900

Marvellous cake with a cup of nice warm tea

pict 50IMG_3895

Chocolate puff

pict 51IMG_3896

Filling: Light Chocolate cream


Here is the website:


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