Everytime i walk pass  tea cosy located at Plaza Singapura level 3, I will not hesitate to stop by to see what’s on their menu. I am attracted to the vintage design of the restaurant. Initially, I thought the shop sells European furniture or some vintage stuff. On closer look, the place does sell food and high tea too.  Elclectic Attic is a term for both a vintage shop and a café. I guess nowadays there are a lot of shops with this type of concept. We can even buy the porcelain plates that contained our food.  Finally I got the opportunity to try the food at tea cosy with Sharon. I am so happy that she agreed to have dinner with me at tea cosy. Thank you gal.


 Menu for Tea Cosy

I happened to met Paul on my way out from the ladies in plaza Singapura and I was so happy to see him. It’s been quite some time since we have catch up with one another. This was really an unexpected meet up with him. We had invited him to join us for dinner and he agreed. However, later part of the night than I knew that all this was arranged by them. Anyway thank you all so much for organizing everything and I am really very touched.

Nice food + new place for coffee & Dessert + KTV session

What else can i ask for? Thank you my lovely friends!

Here is what we had ordered. Eating our food while admiring the vintage items that they sell. Really make us feel at a European home enjoying the European cuisine.




 Baked Mushroom

Taste so fresh and crunchy. I love the fillings on top of the mushroom and i guess it is some kind of cheeze. It blend well with the mushroom!

 Grilled Chicken Chop

Yummy … A healthier dish to order and the marinated chicken is very tasty! I love the pasta too!

I ordered the minty coffee chocolate to go along with my grilled chicken and the drink is so refreshing. Mint + coffee + chocolate and the colour of the drink is colourful too. Best of all the drink is not too sweet and i really enjoy it very much!

Salad to go along with my grilled chicken. So refreshing and green! 

 Laksa Pasta

A unquie way of cooking the pasta but it taste great! A must try!

 Our table full of food & drinks

 Homemade cupcakes by Teacosy

Look at  how lovely the cupcakes are… Really feel like having them all by myself..

The ambience of tea cosy is really great and they do offer high tea set menu. Will go and try out their high tea soon! Look forward!!!

** Thank you sharon tan and paul for accompany me to such a lovely place for dinner! Appreciated!

**Thank you chan, juan, xiu ying, andrew and ben for your time n surprises too.. Your presence make me happy!!


Here is the link to tea cosy : http://www.teacosy.com.sg/Welcome.html

Here is the link to my favourite food blog and after reading her blog it make me want to go and try out tea cosy!


  14 comments for “TEA COSY – PLAZA SINGAPURA

  1. Vivian
    May 2010 at

    Hi ,

    The pictures are great. Nice shot! The food make me so hungry..Will go there to try out their food soon. I do not that shop sell food too. Your blog is really informative!

  2. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Vivian,

    Yes you should go and try their food. The price is affordable too.. A good place for some girls chit chatting sessison.. 🙂 I will be going for their high tea too…

  3. Tan
    May 2010 at

    Cool! Yesh~ The place is simply cosy – away frm the busting world outside! Hehe~ And guess wat, I noticed alot of customers patronizing but was turned awy due to the full occupy! hence, a note to rember, reservation! Impt impt! =)

  4. Jason
    May 2010 at

    This post really wanna make me to visit tea cosy. The food look so tempting and healthy and the ambience of the place is great. European vintage feel.

  5. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    oh ya.. Thanks for reminding… It is better to book to avoid disappointment! Thanks gal!

  6. Gin
    May 2010 at

    Great pictures and blog post. Will definetly go to TEa cosy if i am @ plaza singapura. Thank you for ur information!!!

  7. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Gin,

    Yes must go and try the food there… enjoy n thank u for the compliment!! 🙂

  8. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Rametta,

    Thank you for your compliment!! Stay tune for new updates.. 🙂

  9. Kenneth
    May 2010 at

    a colourful place and the food looks good and sumptuous esp. the grilled chicken chop. cupcakes looks pretty too. this place i believe not many people know got sell food so thanks for sharing this. will give this cosy place a try. 🙂

  10. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thank you for ur compliment. Indeed is a very colourful place… Nice food too~~~ You can go n try it too!!!


  11. May 2010 at

    oh my, what a great nice place. but it’s in sg T.T

  12. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    Hi ai wei,

    You can visit this place when you are in singapore.. hehe.. 🙂


  13. Stephanie
    May 2010 at

    Hi Dariel

    I saw the grilled chicken with pasta dish…errr looks nice…how’s it taste? the pasta cooked in what sauce?

  14. Dariel
    May 2010 at

    hi Stephanie,

    The pasta is cook in olive oil.. The grill chicken taste tender n delicious. You should go n try them! Great food!

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