Christmas is in 2 weeks time! It is a time of the year for giving and feasting. I really enjoyed baking sweet treats for my families and friends. This year I had created a new recipe for my friend pot luck party. Strawberry shortcake in a small plastic wine glass. A very delicious and nice way of presenting the dessert! Everyone can have a small glass of strawberry shortcake dessert after the meal! The serving is not too huge and there is a saying goes for women: There is always room for dessert!

StrawBerry Shortcake in plastic wine glass 

1st layer: Whipped Cream

2nd layer: Cake sponge

3rd layer: Strawberry Puree

4th layer: Cake Sponge

I had topped with pistachio nuts and gold dust. Viola and is ready to be placed in the fridge. Serve when chilled. I will try out new recipes like chocolate, Oreo, green tea or even durian flavoured dessert.

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