Looking for affordable and tasty shanghai Tim sum in the neighbourhood area? There is one stall at the 2nd storey of Margaret Drive Market known as Special Shanghai Tim Sum selling Shanghai style dumplings, Beijing noodles and tom yum soup. It is usually very crowded during lunch and dinner hour as the food sold here is cheap and delicious. The stall do provided free flow of Chinese tea to go along with the food served. This is a very good idea to attract more customers to visit the stall.

 Special Shanghai Tim Sium

As I sat near the stall, I can see that there is only 1 man doing the cooking of the beijing noodles, frying the fried dumplings and steaming the dumplings too. I wonder how he can co ordinate so well without overcooking the food. I guess it must be experience. 😛

 Steam Dumplings

 Ginger with Vinegar

The steam dumplings really go well with the ginger and vinegar. It is really worth the money. 8 steam dumplings cost only $4.00!

 Beijing Noodles

The beijing noodles is very delicious and the noodles is very smooth! It taste something like the hokkien prawn noodles with sotong , prawn and egg as the ingredients. Such a big plate of noodles cost only $4.00 too. It can be share by two person. Yummy!

 Fried Dumplings

The fried dumpling may not look appetising, but it taste wonderful. I love the filling of the dumpling as you can see from the picture above, the pork mince meat contain little fat and the skin of the dumpling is not too thick. 8 fried dumplings cost only $4.00.

An affordable place for nice and quality shanghai tim sum food! Go try it!

The stall is open for all days except Monday from 12pm to 8pm.

Commonweath Avenue Block 40A Food Center
Nearest MRT Station: Queenstown
Bus: 32


  1. Tan
    June 2010 at

    Hey hey! I saw this during one of medicorp programs! been waitin to try their dumplings!! Looked like u got it earlier than i do! Haha~ Looked wonderful & delicious!! I shall head thr to try 1 day!!! Great post!!

  2. Dariel
    June 2010 at

    yes tan… the food there is delicious. You should try them. yummy!!! 🙂

  3. Kenneth
    June 2010 at

    i’m quite a regular patron for this stall (frequent with colleagues during lunch) and i must say that i never get sick of their fried dumplings, esp. dipped in the chilli sauce, and its fragrant crispiness.

    best of all, the price is very reasonable. 🙂

  4. Tan
    June 2010 at

    Hey! As per ur recommendation, I went to try this over the wkend! I must say, this is simply delicious! And u were right!! The ingredients for the Beijing Noodles were very generous & it only cost $4!! Totally worth the $$! Tried the spicy sour soup too! Yummlicious as well!! Last but not least, the fried dumpling was simply NOT ENUGH cuz it was too nice!! thanks for ur post & guideline I manage to find this place without any difficulties! Thumbs up!

  5. Dariel
    July 2010 at

    Hi Tan,

    Wow you went there to try.. Nice and affordable right the shanghai tim sum? glad that you enjoy the food 🙂

  6. Ash
    April 2011 at

    But the hawker centre is currently under renovation… Anyone knows where they moved to?

  7. melissa
    May 2011 at

    hi, they have moved to block 159 mei ling street. 5 mins walk from queenstown mrt. (downstair wet market, upstair hawker)

  8. Dariel
    August 2011 at

    Hi Melissa,

    Thanks for the information… 🙂

  9. May 2012 at

    They moved to Maxwell Hawker Centre 🙂

  10. Dariel
    May 2012 at

    Dear Daniel,

    Thanks for the updated info! Have you been there to try out the food?;)


  11. Tan
    September 2013 at

    Yoz! Just went to try their food, again, when they shifted to Maxwell Hawker! The standard hasn’t dropped any bit & the generosity of their serving with the affordable price tag still remain the same when they were at Commonwealth! Thumbs up for the food & the location now (centralized?)! 🙂

  12. Dariel
    September 2013 at

    Hi Tan,

    Its been sometime since I tried their food. Really miss the food and will go back there soon! 🙂


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