It has been so hot these few days and suddenly I have a craving for nice healthy tasty soup. Slurp slurp… I really miss the time where I reached home from work and a bowl of delicious tasty soup cooked by my mum will be there at the dining table. Yummy…


Thermo pot bought @ OG

Frog had bought me a 5L thermo pot for cooking soups and stews. The magical part of the thermo pot is that it required no electricity to get the soup cook. All I need to do is to boil the pot of soup for 10 – 20 minutes depending on when you cook and place the whole pot into the thermo pot. Leave it for 3-4 hrs and the soup is already to be consumed. It is something like the slow cooking pot where you cook the soup for hours but the thermo pot can cook soups without using electricity. I must definitely cook my soup in this pot and see if it really works. Stay tune. Oh by the way, you need to fill up to 80% of the pot for the thermo pot to work. I will be cooking ABC soup soon. ABC means there will be 3 different types of vegetables in the soup. It consists of potatoes, corn and carrots. You can also add big onions too for flavoring.


250grams of pork ribs

5 seedless dates

A handful of wolfberries seed

4 Litres of water

*3 potatoes

*2 long carrots (chop into parts)

*2 corns (chop into parts)

*1 big onion

 Mix everything into the pot and heat it to boil for about 20minutes. Transfer the pot into the thermo pot and close the lid. The soup should be ready by the 4th hours. A very easy and hassle free soup recipe for busy working adults.

*The quantities of the potatoes, carrots and corn are subjective and you can add according to your preference.


  4 comments for “ABC SOUP RECIPE

  1. WeeKay
    April 2010 at

    Looking forward to see the soup that u make…good blog!

  2. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    Hi Wee Kay,

    Stay tune @ my blog and thanks for the compliment!

  3. Zel
    April 2010 at

    Happen to google search and saw your blog. Great photos you have and good content. Good effort and look forward for your post!

  4. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    Hi Zel,

    Thanks for your compliment! 🙂

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