I had the opportunity to attend an invite by Somersby last Saturday, to try out their Somersby Apple Cider drink and to learn how this fun drink can complement with food and to concoct a variety mixture of drinks. This event was held with the company of great ambience of the Bliss House at The Central, Clarke Quay.


At the reception.

Somersby is a fun refreshing fruity cider that has partnered with the newly opened restaurant to create an appetizing and imaginative food and drinks menu to satisfy people looking for something a little bit different. Somersby Apple Cider contains 17.5% real apple fruit juice, 4.5% alcoholic volume and is made from fermented apple juice, sugar and natural flavouring to give a crisp and delicious apple cider taste.


Star of the event.

I was introduced to a trio of drinks that goes together with the Somersby Apple Cider. This is to show that people can enjoy refreshing drinks created with a balance of well-loved spirits and the magic of the ingredient, Somersby Apple Cider.


Refreshing drinks ready to be added with the Apple Cider.


Somersby Apple Cider, celery puree and gin with a celery stick garnish.


Somersby Apple Cider, gin and grapefruit with a grapefruit peel garnish.


Somersby Apple Cider, pomegranate and gin with a poached apple garnish.

Mixologist and Bliss House restaurant manager Long Yishu said, “Somersby is the perfect complement to gin; mixed together they form the perfect balance of flavours. The new drinks we have created are unique and perfect for recreating at home.”


Long Yishu, Mixologist and Bliss House restaurant manager, mixing drinks.

Next up, the food. Chef Dennis Ong created some great food to go along with the mixed apple cider drinks. These foods, in the form of five tasty courses, are blended with the Somersby Apple Cider. These five courses consists of salads, meats and pastas and not forgetting, dessert.  The Executive Chef of Bliss House, said: “By combining the ethereal theme that Bliss House embodies and the sweet succulent taste that Somersby Apple Cider has, we have devised a menu that promises customers a meal they will not forget.”


Somersby Refreshing Ploughman Salad.

The Somersby Refreshing Ploughman Salad is a specially flown in mesclun salad with tasty cheddar cheese, tangy cherry tomatoes, olive and Japanese cucumbers tossed lightly in refreshing Somersby Apple Cider Vinaigrette.


Somersby Decadent Foie Gras

Somersby Decadent Foie Gras is the next dish consisting of delicious pan-seared foie gras drizzled with Somersby Apple Cider reduction and lemon butter, served with puff pastry and arugula (rocket salad).


Somersby Pasta-Fantastica!

A succulent pasta dish inspired by the Bolognese pasta, it is mixed with assorted flavoursome greens and minced pork infused with Somersby Apple Cider with a hint of veal jus.


Somersby Three Little Pigs

Taste the trio of pan roasted pork tenderloin with roasted capsicum, onion confit and prosciutto blanket asparagus with Somersby Apple Cider sauce – all in the Somersby Three Little Pigs.


A Blissful Somersby Finish

A refreshing Blissful Somersby Finish is the dessert to finish this five-course meal. It is a couple of Somersby Apple Cider-poached pears topped with a delicious scoop of vanilla ice-cream.


Chef Dennis Ong – the man behind the five-course meal.

The Somersby Apple Cider is truly a very refreshing drink, a drink suitable for the recent warm days and nights. It blends into drink mixtures well and it also proved to be a good culinary ingredient to foods. To top that up, the drink mixtures or even the cider itself complements well to foods. The cider drink was well-received by many who attended the event, including myself.


At the Somersby-Bliss House Restaurant event.


Do come to Bliss House Restaurant at The Central, Clarke Quay for some great apple cider food or drink in a beautiful ambience looking down at the Singapore River – with Somersby Apple Cider.

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