I am so happy and excited to receive single tier Cookie and Cup Cake Carrier from Snapware.  I love to bake cupcakes and cookies for my family members and friends but the thought of storing and transporting the cupcakes in place without damaging the frosting is quite challenging. As I do not have the proper container to store cupcakes, most of the time the frosting is damaged due to transportation as I had placed them in normal containers or box. The transporting of cupcakes had damaged the frosting. I had always wanted to get a cupcake carrier to contain and transport the cupcakes that I had baked. The Cookie and CupCake Carrier by SnapWare is perfect for me to hold my cupcakes in place for picnics or potluck party. Not only cupcakes, I can store cookies too by removing the cupcakes insert. I can also keep my baked items fresh as it is both air tight and leak free.

Snapware Cookie and CupCake Carrier 

Reasons for getting Snapware Cookie and CupCake Carrier:

1. The cup cake frosting will not be damage as it is put in place.

2. You can just carry the cupcake holder itself without putting in the paper bag.

3. Save the Earth by reducing the amount of box used!

4. You can see what in the container and makes it very presentable.

5. Durable handle for ease of carry.

6. 2 layer cupcake and cookies carrier includes 2 reversible inserts.

7. Internal cup cake tray to hold the cup cakes in place.

8. Easy stacking

The dimension of the carrier is 10.5inches X 14 inches X 3.75 inches.

SnapWare Cookie And Cupcake Carrier

 Clear plastic makes the cupcakes easy to see and presentable!

A total of 12 cupcakes inserts.

The Snapware Cookie and Cup Cake Carrier are available in most department stores and and also at places such as Courts, Fairprice Finest & Xtra. The retail version of Snapware Cookie and Cup Cake Carrier consist of 2 tiers and is selling at $60. The advantage of the carrier is that you can buy as many carriers as you wish, snap and lock as many or as little number of layers as desired. Most importantly, the carrier has so naby carrying options. This is so versatile!

Many Carrying Options:

Serving Cupcakes

Insert handle hook onto the rims for no messy serving of cupcakes.

Container Divider

Fold handle down and use insert to divide tray. Great for 2 layers of frosted cookies, brownies or other small goodies. Use finger identations to remove tray.

Carry Sheet Cakes 

Insert hold a 1/4 sheet cake. It is easy to remove by lifting the handle.

The cookie and cupcake carrier will be of good use as I can use it to store the cakes after I had baked them at my baking class. I can’t wait to use the Snapware Cookie and Cup Cake Carrier. 🙂

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