Hi all, I am back from my Phuket trip! Shall continue with some back dates of the blog post.

Still remember on my previous post on the SMRT circle line makan session? Below I will blog about the event and the food that I had tried for that day.

Yes finally got to see Dr Leslie Tay in real person. He is the blogger for the famous food blog Ieatishootipost. He had greeted us with a warm smile and a firm handshake. The meet up venue for the makan session was Bouna Vista Circle Line Station at 1.30pm. We had a photo taking session at the entrance of the Bouna Vista Circle line before proceeding to Spice Perananakan.

The lady boss of the restaurant had given us an introduction of the history of Peranakan
and the food that we had eaten.Nyonya (Peranakan) cuisine came about as the result of inter-marriages between the Chinese immigrants and the local Malays. The aunty told us that Chinese man will still want to eat Chinese food despite married to the local Malays. A fushion of Chinese and Malay cuisine. Local ingredients such as chillies, belacan (shrimp paste) lemongrass,galangal, turmeric, etc are used to cook and bring out the flavors in the dishes. The men were called Babas and the women were called Nyonyas. 


Fried Sardine topped with caramelised onion sauce. The sardine was dried till very crispy and it goes well with caramelised onion sauce. You can just put the whole fried sardine into your mouth and munch the fish. The lady boss had told us that each batch of caramelised onion sauce will takes around 4 hours to cook with someone closely watching and stirring it to prevent it from burning. It really takes a lot of effort to just cook the sauce but is definitely worthwhile for the quality food.


It takes a lot of time to choose the right type of papaya for this Soup. The lady boss mentioned that they are the only Peranakan restaurant that sells this nonya dish. A healthy dish to start off the meal.


 In Peranakan cuisine, satay ayam means curry chicken. As we all thought satay means meat in stay stick. The curry is not too spicy and the meat is very tender.


 The ingredient for the fish curry is fresh and the fish is very tender too. Thumbs up.


This kueh is cooked by the lady boss’s husband. It is not too sweet and one word to describe the Kueh Delicious!

It is not easy to prepare quality Peranakan Cuisine and Spicy Peranakan take a lot of effort to prepare their dishes. They will want their customer to taste real authentic Peranakan food. SPicy Peranakan is opened on Saturday if you have small group gathering for 20 people, you can call them up to book the place. They can prepare the menue for you and each person will cost about $18.00.

After the food session, Dr Leslie had share with on how to take good food pictures using camera and iphone. From the picture above, all of us were concentrating in his sharing session.

 We are all crowding around Dr Leslie as he is giving us the iphone apps that he had created (ieatHawker). It is really nice of him to give us the apps for free. Thank you Dr Leslie! A very useful guide on where to look for delicious food at the hawker center. The food was categorised and it is very easy to navigate the application. The Map and address of the place will be shown. The app is so handy as it had already summarised Singapore’s Best Hawker Food. You can search for delicious food on the go so quickly. The app will cost $0.99 if you download this app.

After the makan session, it is game time. We are suppose to answer some question in the questionnair by SMRT and whoever can the most answers right in the shortest time can win prizes!

 Me with Dr Leslie 🙂

I am so happy that Frog had won the book written by Dr LEslie : The End Of Char Kway Teow. Thank you frog! 🙂

Frog and I had really enjoyed the makan session organise by SMRT. Great food, good company by Dr Leslie and not forgetting the prizes that we had won. It is really a well spend Saturday!

Click here for the post by Dr Leslie on Spicy Peranankan.

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