Remember the post about cooking quick and healthy dinners?

We are starting a series called Simplicity: 3-4 Ingredient Meals to debunk the myth that cooking at home is troublesome and must involve in tons of ingredients to whip up tasty and fantastic dishes. Seriously, all it requires is 3 or 4 main ingredients and they are all you ever need. Accompanied with the right seasonings and some ready-made sauces and ingredients such as chopped garlic and fried shallots, you will sure be able to cook up some tasty dishes right in your own home.

The possibilities of such simplicity is endless. You can cook almost anything!

Impress your family and friends, get to know more about ingredients, stir up more interest in cooking more “complicated”dishes, fire up your imaginations……this is what the series is about! Encourage cooking at home, eat healthy!

We will be starting the first recipe soon so stick around and we will see you soon.

Ready, set, sizzle! 🙂

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