It is very common to see claypot rice dishes around Singapore but what about stone pots? Introducing Signature Stone, a restaurant where claypot rice dishes are served in stone pots, yes, stone pots and not clay pots.

The reason being about food served in stone pots is because of the stone material’s ability to retain heat longer than clay. With that, your food stays sizzling hot longer on the table. Oh, that’s why Signature Stone: Always Sizzling Hot.


Their menu consists of the traditional claypot rice dishes (in stone pots!), soups, side dishes and lastly, a special one – Western. An idea from the owner of Signature Stone, Ariel, she fuses both east and west to create baked-rice dishes served in the oriental way and so this target customers of all ages with different taste buds and liking.

We got to try 4 of their best dishes in the restaurant. They are:

  1. Stone Pot Chicken with Sliced Salted Fish
  2. Stone Pot Ham & Cheese Rice
  3. Wine Chicken
  4. Herbal Wine Prawns

Stone Pot Chicken with Sliced Salted Fish ($7.90)

This dish is the most basic traditional of all stoneware-based cooking. It probably is the best dish to gauge deliciousity. Initial glance, their chicken is generous in amount. The salted fish are not too finely diced with pretty big pieces of mushrooms. The greens are a bit too little but I guess this is due to the small space of the stone pot so we feel it is still okay on that. Not to forget, there are waxed sausages too. Overall, their stone pot to ingredients ratio is good.


Mix it up with dark soya sauce.


Now, having all that are inside mixed up, here’s the “real” review. The chicken is flavourful and tender. The whole mix’s saltiness level is acceptable, with the mixture of dark soya sauce and salted fish. The mushrooms are not too dry (due to the heat retained in the stone which continues the cooking process, we kind of expected it to be dried up of juices) and the waxed sausages are soft to bite. Take a scoop of the rice, chicken, waxed sausage and a piece of green; give it a gentle blow to cool because it’s hot and umph! The taste is well-balanced we would say.

Stone Pot Ham & Cheese Rice ($10.90)

This is the dish that Ariel fuses both east and west altogether. Why is that so? First look what does it remind you of? Yes, it’s the baked rice. In the western cuisine, it is served in ceramic wares but here at Signature Stone, it is served in stone pots! There are huge chunks of ham and mushrooms and the entire surface is being carpeted by cheese! The presentation is further brightened up by the garnish of cherry tomatoes and coriander.


Mix it up.

This is something new and we must say the taste is pretty good, almost similar to baked rice. Bear in mind that due to the different wares used to cook this dish, you cannot approach it with expectations of that baked rice.

Wine Chicken ($9.00)

Next, the Wine Chicken. It came out of the kitchen still bubbling furiously from the heat of the stove. At a glance we can see generous amount of chicken, wolfberries, mushrooms and spring onions but we didn’t smell any wine in this dish. That aside, this dish still smells lovely on another level of expectation.


Tucking in.

True enough, there wasn’t any taste of wine in the Wine Chicken. The broth tastes like a regular Chinese stew chicken dish. On the other hand, the chicken is very tender and it goes well with the mushrooms. The broth is tasty and taking a scoop of this dish together with the other ingredients in a nice hot temperature from the stone, it makes this dish tastefully acceptable. However it is lacking of wine flavour otherwise the dish will be perfect.

Herbal Wine Prawns ($12.00)

We love this Herbal Wine Prawns soup as it is fragrant due to the Chinese herbs. Like the Wine Chicken, it was bubbling furiously as it came out of the kitchen. First look we can see prawns much enough to fill the stone pot nicely. We think by far Signature Stone is very generous on the ingredients. Okay back on track, there are red dates and some wolfberries in the dish too, making it herbal. The prawns are shelled by default so it is less hassle-free to eat them.


Tucking in.


A taste of their soup revealed no taste of wine despite the title of the dish to be a wine-based broth dish. On the herbal expectation, the level is just nice. For those who cannot take herbal soups being too herbal, this can be worth a shot. Like the Wine Chicken, it will be perfect if the wine flavour is adjusted.

Food serve in stone pot can retain heat and food stays warm though we are dining in air condition environment.  This is definitely a plus point! Signature Stone Restaurant has new dishes added to their menu and right now they do serve steamboat and in hot stone. With wide variety of food to choose from, you will be spoilt for choices of stone pot dishes.

Thanks Ariel for inviting Dariel and I for the food tasting session!

Singapore Stone Restaurant

729 Havelock Road Singapore 169649

Tel: (+65) 6271 9918

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