Yes finally a short getaway trip with frog to phuket tomorrow! We will be going with SY and YF too. Our first holiday trip with them and will be staying in Phuket till next Monday. Wohoo! Time to relax and enjoy the beach, sea, sand, seafood and shopping! Stay tune as I will blog on the local food in Phuket.

I had not been blogging these few days as I am down with flu and busy with work. Still a lot of post to be blog about and publish. I hope that there will be internet access in out hotel so that I can continue blogging in Phuket. Looking forward to the trip and Phuket here we come !!!  🙂




 A lot of things to be done after the trip:

 Christmas order on my red velvet cupcakes and scones from my sis, aunty and friend.

Getting Christmas gifts for my friends and family.

Clearing outstanding matter at work.


Although I am busy, it is a good thing after all to do things that I enjoy doing. I am glad that my family and friend love the red velvet cupcake that I had baked. It really brightens up my day when they compliment my baking.

I will be back! 2 more days to weekend! Yeah!

Time to go zzzz… Medication had taken drowsy effect.. Good night! zzz

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