We’ve been wanting to blog about this for quite some time but to be honest our problem was, every time we visited (and had our good fill – oh yeah…~) Saizeriya Italian restaurant, we were totally blown off by the cosiness of this originally a family Japanese Italian restaurant that we always put it away and away and away. If you happened to be in City Square, Liang Court or The Cathay (there are other more outlets as well) and you have a craving for some Italian food for a very reasonable price (with no GST), this is the restaurant you should go to.

The Comfort Food.

These are the foods we always order until it almost become like a standard protocol. If you are in the mood for comfort soup-based food, try out the Spicy Soup Tomato Asari Spaghetti. It has lots of clams in it and we mean it because some similar dishes ends up having mostly clam shells in it. The soup is flavourful and plentiful – it has some sweetness of the clams cooked together with bits of chopped tomatoes.

asari spicy.

Spicy Soup Tomato Asari Spaghetti ($5.90)

The Spicy Soup Tomato Asari Spaghetti is a derivative of the original Asari Soup Spaghetti.

asari soup.

Asari Soup Spaghetti ($5.90)

If you like a very much clam flavour in your spaghetti, the Asari Soup Spaghetti is for you. It is the same as the Spicy Soup Tomato Asari Spaghetti but without the spiciness and the tomatoes. Clam amount level – same.

The downside to this dish is that different outlet and different days will have different standards with the most notable is their soup level (but we didn’t count the number of clams in there! Haha!). Some days very soupy and some days not. Think like high tide low tide.


Sautéed Spinach with Bacon ($3.90)

The Sautéed Spinach with Bacon is an appetizer with spinach that looks almost like the one you see in Popeye’s can of spinach. Though this doesn’t make you one but least it can make you coming back for more. The bacon is fatty with the fragrance of chopped garlic and bits of chilli. The spinach is soft and still has a little of that crunch. We are talking soft, not soggy. Eat it all together or just the bacon or spinach, this appetizer can delight you.

This dish serves up quite fast.


Chicken Wings ($3.95 for 4pcs or $7.90 for 8pcs)

These Chicken Wings are Saizeriya’s original recipe. Not buffalo wings or special wings, they are just small wings served up on a sizzling hot plate. The marinate on the wings tastes good and the meat is tender. Somehow it is quite addictive. Be careful though, these wings are really hot when served so do eat with care. “Ooh-ah hot”.

Now the downside of this dish is that, on peak periods, the wings can get left in the kitchen for some time before it is suddenly remembered to be served. How do we know that? No sizzle at all. Nuff’ said.

All prices above are Nett and may subjected to Saizeriya changes.

The Environment

The ambience of Saizeriya Italian restaurant is pretty great if you know the outlets well. For example, if you prefer quiet meal times:

Liang Court outlet – Go in the afternoons on weekends and weekdays. Weekend dinner times can be quite noisy to talk. However, weekday dinner times are fine.
City Square outlet – All day. Somehow for some reasons we find it pleasant enough to converse on the table when we go there in afternoons or evenings, weekday and weekend.
The Cathay Go towards their closing time. Do take note their last order is at 9.30pm.

These are our personal experience but anyway, if you are not bothered by environment, ignore the above. Either way, the restaurant still is cosy enough to be called as a family restaurant and we do see quite a number of families going there for meals and kids love it.

Saizeriya Italian restaurant, in our point of view, serves up Italian foods at very affordable prices. Despite the low prices, quality isn’t inferior – there is still the quantity and most importantly, flavour. They also have free flow of sky juice for your consumption. But then, unless you have been chatting merrily much on the table, otherwise you won’t be needing it as there isn’t a sign of thirst after a meal there.

Last note, if you have a big group, please call to reserve a table before heading down.

Minna-san, ittadakimasu!

Saizeriya Singapore Ristorante e Caffe

*All the outlets operating hours from 11.00 am – 10.00pm

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