If you are like me who enjoys the wholesome goodness of McDonald’s egg muffins in the morning, yes that’s right that moment when you bite into that burger with muffin bun, the chicken ham/sausage patty, egg and melted cheese and kind of hated the other burgers after 11am because you just can’t get enough of eggs in your burger, this is good news for you.

McDonald’s not only is bringing back the BBQ Beef Burger with Egg, they also will be introducing an all-new Black Pepper Mayo Chicken with Egg Burger.

Black Pepper Mayo Chicken with Egg burger

Black Pepper Mayo Chicken with Egg

For those who like a little spice in their life, the Black Pepper Mayo Chicken with Egg Burger is for you. The burger features a combination of a perfectly seasoned tender chicken patty, topped with a dollop of savoury black pepper mayonnaise, layers of fresh crisp shredded lettuce and a tender egg sandwiched between lightly toasted sesame buns.

BBQ Beef Burger with Egg

BBQ Beef Burger with Egg

For those who have been loyal fans of the BBQ Beef Burger with Egg, your wait is over. This flavourful burger is back with juicy ground beef patty on melted cheese with a tender egg complemented with tangy BBQ sauce, sandwiched between warm toasted buns checks all the boxes for a hearty burger.

Sure but how is the price like? There’s even more good news here!

Diners can indulge in an Extra Value Meal with either burger, served with French Fries (M) and a refreshing glass of Coca-Cola (S) for only $5! For a balanced meal, customers can opt to switch the French Fries with a Corn Cup at no extra charge, or simply top up $1.20 to change their side to a Garden Side Salad. The Garden Side Salad features whole leaf lettuce, red and white cabbage, crunchy carrots, corn kernels and tomatoes, served with a delicious Japanese dressing.

Diners can also enjoy the a la carte Black Pepper Mayo Chicken with Egg Burger from $3, and the BBQ Beef Burger with Egg from $3.

Both burgers are available after breakfast hours in all restaurants and via McDelivery® from 14 August 2017, while stocks last.

In my opinion, having this meal after a hard day’s work or a tough day at school or whatsoever the like, it’s hmm..HMMM!!

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