To those who loved To-Gather cafe for their affordably priced food and drinks, there is a piece of good news we would like to share with you. There is a cafe opened just 2 months ago, yes in the same town Bedok (don’t ask us why in Bedok again but the reason is probably obvious though), serving food and drinks at affordable price too. Pricing aside, how does the food and drinks fare in the palette department? Is it worth to eat, worth to drink?

We will find out when we Refuel ourselves in this other part of Bedok. Yes, Refuel is the name of the cafe.

Located in a small neighbourhood in Bedok Reservoir Road (near Sheng Siong Supermarket), this cafe’s theme is based on gas stations in America, at least this is the feeling it’s giving us when we entered the cafe. The decor too, tells it all about its theme. The cafe is cosy and pretty quiet because of its location. As we sat inside, we find it very comfortable to talk on the table with cafe noise level at its minimum. Music played in the background was Jazz, soft music and none more noisy than that. The ambience is good.

Refuel Cafe_1

Refuel Cafe_2

Refuel Cafe_3Baked Salmon $13.50

Refuel Cafe_4

The food we tried are their Baked Salmon ($13.50) and Full Tank ($13.90). The Baked Salmon came well-presented; the creamy spicy sauce is plentiful with generous amount of sides consisting of mash potato and salad. The salmon fillet is not overly cooked, just look at the salmon we cut out to show how tender it is. The meat is not dry and not all “powdery”. You saw the salmon meat came out in slabs after being cut, instead of all “mashed” up on the plate.

Refuel Cafe_5

 Full Tank $13.90

Next is the Full Tank. Now in every artisan cafe there is a all-day breakfast menu and the top being their breakfast set. This is recommended on their menu and so like in all other cafes we visited, we ordered this. It consists of the Bratwurst sausage, bacon strips, scrambled eggs, mushroom, toast, cherry tomatoes, baked beans and salad. The toast is served hot and toasted (you know some places served toasts soggy and cold) and spreading it with butter or jam, taking a bite, oh yeah hmm hear that crisp! The one thing that we like is the scrambled eggs. It’s still bit runny and not at all too milky. For those who like scrambled eggs but hated the strong milky taste, this is for you. Just look at the egg yolks and whites half mixed with a little of that yolky juice!

Refuel Cafe_7

The next thing we liked is the bacon. Those strips are indeed truly bacon-ly done. It isn’t too tough to cut them, salty (that’s what real bacons should be right) and best of all, there is still a little but not too much, of oil left to lubricate the bacon. Yes, lubricate! Gas station everybody, gas station!

Refuel Cafe_8

For the drinks we had the Iced Mocha Latte ($5.90) and Iced Caramel Latte ($5.90). Both drinks has a balanced coffee-caramel and coffee-chocolate flavour in them and best of all, they are not too sweet. Okay, we shall use the word “Light” for their drinks. How are we so sure it isn’t sweet other than sipping them? It’s because we weren’t thirsty after drinking them.

Refuel Cafe_9

All the above really filled us up to full tank.

In case you are wondering, they do serve desserts as well though you cannot find them on the menu. They serve different desserts everyday so you’ve got to ask the friendly people at the cafe about it. They also do sell some merchadise such as T-shirts which is on the other side of the cafe.

Refuel Cafe_9

Best of all, no GST and service charge. There’s free flow of sky juice too.

Refuel Cafe_10

Refuel cafe, in our opinion, is another cafe that serves up good food and drinks at affordable prices. The cafe is quiet for chit-chatting, delicious quality filling food and light drinks to accompany you any time of the day for whatever reason you are there for – lazing in the afternoons, gossip/catching up with friends or simply for a meal. We hate to say this but we find it hard to come across cafes like this, ever since our addiction to To-Gather cafe. Now that another one is here, we recommend going to Refuel cafe and let the “pump attendants” (sorry Refuel people!) there fill you up!

Refuel Cafe

Blk 744 Bedok Reservoir Road #01-3029

Singapore 470744

Tel : 6448 0015

Email :

Opening Hours :

Mon: 11:00 – 22:00

Wed – Sun: 11:00 – 22:00

Closed on Tuesdays

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