I really love May as it a month of 2 public holidays. Labour Day that falls on 1st May and Vesak day on 5th May 2012. Since today frog and I are not working today, we had gone to red star restaurant at Chin Swee Road for dim sum with our dim sum khakis. The
restaurant is very well known for their dim sum and my friend had warned us of the long queue. However this does not stop us for going there to try out their dim sum. Indeed the queue was very long and we had waited about 20 to 25 minutes to be seated. The restaurant has an oldies feel and it is very spacious. I thought I was in some Hong Kong dim sum restaurant. Very cosy ambience. The dim sums are placed in the push carts pushed by the waitress. The waitress will push the push carts to your table and you can order what you want immediately. Some of the waitress is very friendly and they will recommend their popular dim sum to us.

Here are what we had ordered:




Long Queue Outside the Restuarant

Finally we are inside the restaurant but still queuing for the table.

Char Siew Sou + Spring Roll + Glutinous Rice

The skin of the char siew sou is flaky and you can see from the photo it look delicious. I love the char siew filling!

Siew Mai

Kampong Steam Chicken + Ginger sauce

The steam chicken is very tender and i love the ginger sauce. It goes very well with the steam chicken.

Egg Tarts

Look at the egg filling. A must try at Hong Xin Restaurant!

Durain Crepe

The crepe is very soft and the durian filling is very fresh. Yummy! We never regret ordering this. Beside ordering the above, we did order roasted duck, yam ball, chinese chive rolls, Har Gua, Zhu Chang Fen, Char Siew Bao, poriddge and herbal jelly. Overall the dim sum that we had ordered tasted delicious and I had not regret waiting in the queue for these dim sum. I will give 7.5 out of 10 for the dim sum served at Red Star Restaurant. Guess we had ordered quite a lot of dim sum and the bill for 6 person cost $153.

I will definitely go Red Star Restaurant for dim sum again. Counting down to weekend…Endure!!!


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