I am quite sick of eating bread with my favourite Skippy peanut butter from Monday to Friday. Thus every weekend, frog & I try not to eat bread again. It reminds us having to go to work after our breakfast. As everyone knows that breakfast is a very important meal of the day and I shall not blog on the importance of it… hehe…

There is a cosy café near our place there where they sell Chinese cook dishes, meehoon, mee, Nasi Lemak, rice and Laksa. The food really tastes like home cooked food and the price is not as expensive as compare to the food court and the coffee shop below my house. We love their coffee and tea too. You can see us almost every Saturday morning at Q café. The café is closed on Sunday and guess we always need to brainstorm on where to look for nice and affordable breakfast near our place. Definitely not going to eat bread again on weekend mornings. I am not sure what time the café open for business, if I am not wrong it will be 8.30am to 7.30pm for weekdays and 8.30am to 3pm for Saturdays.

Usually i will order mee hoon but it was sold out at the morning and i had no choice but to order fried mee. It taste good too.

I love potatoes & spinach!

Wide Variety of dishes to choose from

Although it is only tuesday , I am really looking forward to weekend and i guess you all feel the same too. Let us work hard for the rest of the week and enjoy ourselves in the upcoming weekend!  I am also lookng forward to meet the gals this saturday too. Miss you all!!!


  1. p00h
    April 2010 at

    wow wow wow… already thinking of weekend ?? gambatae, 2 more days to friday !!

  2. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    yes gal, counting down to weekend…hehe … U feel the same right? hee..

  3. Tan
    April 2010 at

    WOW~~~~ My saliva kept dripping when I saw the potatoes!!! ARGGGHHH~~ I shall not view ur blog during office hrs, else I will keep feeling hungry!! Hee~~

  4. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    It make you looking forward for lunch. The potatoes taste great! Like home cook ones.. Not too salty!

  5. April 2010 at

    Gosh, I thought hubby and I were the only ones who have peanut butter with bread Mon-Fri when we worked.

  6. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    Hi tigerfish,

    You all are not alone… hehe….

  7. Susan
    November 2014 at

    Where exactly is Q Cafe?

  8. Dariel
    December 2014 at

    Hi Susan,

    Unfortunately, Q Cafe was no longer in operation. The cafe was previously located near punggol mrt station. Now the shop is taken by Cheers.


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