I am down with a flu and cough. Poor me.. It is time to built up my immune system and stay healthy for the brand new year. Guess i must be more selective of what i eat too. More vegetables, soupy stuffs, vitamin C and of course more fruits. Less oily and sugary food too. I will to cook more often so that i and frog wont have to eat out too frequent outside which we are quite sick of it.

Porridge for the patient (me)

Pork mince meat plus carrot and canned button slice mushroom. It is very easy to prepare. Just put the ingredients into the rice cooker and select porridge function (if your rice cooker can cook porridge t00) and it will be ready in about 45 mins to an hour time. It is just like cooking rice but with the addition of more water and the ingredients. I  had added two dried scallop for the sweet taste of the porridge too. Yummy and healthy.

Time to eat medicine and take a rest.

Hope that i will have a speedy recovery.

“Nitez everyone!”

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