I had tried to make the pineapple tarts over the weekend. It was quite a success but I had made a mess of my kitchen. With flour and dough everywhere on the table top but it was a fun experience. I will share the recipe with you guys.

Traditional Pineapple Filling

  1. 2 medium-size half ripe pineapple
  2. 150 – 175 gm of sugar
  3. Yellow colouring (optional)

After grating the pineapple, bubbles will be form. Remove the bubble from the shredded pineapple. Do not scope up any juice (maintain the juice). Cook it under medium or small flame. Stir a while and remain the grated pineapple in the pot for an hour. After an hour, slowly add a tablespoon of the sugar at a time and stir the mixture. Keep stirring for the juice to evaporate. The amount of sugar added is very subjective and you may add more sugar if you prefer the paste to be sweet. After most of the juice has evaporated, leave the paste to cool. Keep it in the fridge for a week before using them. If the paste is used immediately, it will turn mouldy fast.

pict 15IMG_3391

Roll the pineapple paste into small circular ball

pict 16IMG_3392


pict 17IMG_3395

pict 19IMG_3397

pict 20IMG_3398

pict 21IMG_3400

Recipe for the pastry (dough)

  1. 300grams plain flour
  2. 50grams milk powder
  3. 30grams sugar
  4. 250grams salted butter
  5. 1 egg

Pour all the ingredients into the cake mixer and mix it till the dough is formed. Put the dough into the fridge for half an hour before using them to make the tarts. The ingredient above can make about 50 apple shape pineapple tarts. Have fun trying!

  3 comments for “PINEAPPLE TARTS RECIPE

  1. bcczus
    April 2010 at

    Great photos and the pineapples tart look tempting… I am drooling…

  2. Mary VanSkiver
    October 2012 at

    Your pineapple tarts look lovely and oh so tasty.
    I would love to make some using your recipe but do not understand your
    metric measuring system. Would you kindly give the recipe in Standard English measurements?

  3. Dariel
    November 2012 at

    Hi Mary,

    Sorry for the late reply. Here you go for the recipe in Standard English Measurements:

    Traditional Pineapple Filling

    2 medium-size half ripe pineapple
    5.3 Oz – 6.2 Oz of sugar
    Yellow colouring (optional)

    Recipe for the pastry (dough)

    10.6 oz plain flour
    1.8 oz milk powder
    1.1 oz sugar
    1.1cup or 8.8 oz salted butter
    1 egg

    Enjoy baking! 🙂


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