I had attended the hands on pineapple tarts baking class today with my buddy and learnt a lot on how to make nice pineapple tarts. Today class is quite different from what I had attended earlier on (in my earlier post) as I got a chance to practice how to make the tarts and the students also share their baking experience with I and my friend. The teacher is very friendly and experience in baking. She shared a lot of tips in making good pineapple paste and the pastry crust. A very interactive session indeed as she will answer any uncertainties that we had.

I will share with you all the tips that I had learned today.  🙂

pict 1IMG_3343 Students listening to Mrs Fong on the making of the dough

Preparation of the Pineapple paste

What are the types of pineapples that we use to make pineapple tarts? We can either buy the Malaysian pineapple (that cost $1-$1.20 each) or the honey pineapple. The Malaysian pineapple will be a better choice as it is not that sweet as the honey ones and thus more sugar could be added to the make paste. Sugar act as a natural preservative to make the paste last longer. The paste taste better if we are to shred the pineapple using the shredder rather than chopping or blending the pineapple. The corn of the pineapple should not be added as it makes the paste hard. Please do remember to wear rubber glove when shredding the pineapple as it may ‘bite’your hand. Mrs Fong mentioned that using the copper wok to cook the paste, it will taste better and the appearance of the paste will be golden brown. Copper is a good conductor of heat and it will speed up the cooking time without compromising on taste and appearance.

Making of the pastry crust

Today we had learnt to make 3 kinds of pastry crust. The recipe for making those traditional open pineapple crusts is different from those pineapple wrap with the crust. The open kind crust is harder than the closed type. The crust used to wrap the pineapple paste will have a melt in the mouth taste which is softer. It depends on individual preference on the kind of tarts they preferred. We can also add some rum to the crust too. The dough is not difficult to make as compare to making the pineapple paste. In my next post, I will share the recipe for making the pastry used to wrap the pineapple paste.

pict 2IMG_3348 Open type of crust

pict 4IMG_3365The golden pineapple paste cook in the copper wok

pict 7IMG_3373

pict 9IMG_3379

As you see from the picture above, we are really amateur in moulding shapes like the pineapple, orange, apple and rose. Practice make perfect and it is really good for us to hand on in moulding the shape as we can learn from the mistake and improve on our techniques.

pict 10IMG_3387


pict 12IMG_3384

The nice sea view view from Mrs Fong’s living room

pict 13IMG_3385

Finally, a picture of the pineapple tarts that we had baked and of course we are allowed to bring home for our family to try. I had really enjoyed myself and will  definitely try to make them too.

pict 14IMG_3390


  1. mike
    April 2010 at

    ur pictures are great!! I love to see your post. Good content!

  2. Dariel
    April 2010 at

    Hi mike,

    Thank you for the comment!!! 🙂 Will post more…

  3. May 2010 at

    Nifty post – and great domain by the way!

  4. G. Slathman
    June 2010 at

    Thanks! I don’t mind an entertaining post once in a while! They don’t all have tobe so serious ;-P … I sit all day at work in front of a computer and I need something to keep me awake and entertained, lol. Thanks again. Cheers

    G. Slathman

  5. felicia cheong
    August 2011 at

    Hi, any one want to join Mrs Fong Pineapple tarts making course, I jus call her on 11/8/2011 and she said if got 10 person, she will start the course, I have me and my friend here, already 2 pax, short of 8 . It COST $70.00 per person, anyone want to join, we can arrange a time to go together, my HP: 91050988. I am very interested to learn. email: THANK YOU VERY MUCH. FM FELICIA 91050988

  6. Vanessa
    April 2012 at

    Hi, may i know how do i get Mrs Fong’s contact for the baking lesson? anyone have the schedule & venue of her lesson? thank you 🙂

  7. Dariel
    April 2012 at

    Hi Vanessa,

    You can visit her website : for more details.. The class is held at marine parade.


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