Last Saturday, we visited the latest supermarket in town called Pasarbella. It is located at Turf City, The Grandstand.  We heard of the things we could see and find there so that is why we decided to make a trip there to see what this store is all about.

dutch colony coffee co

Situated just beside Giant supermarket, one can easily find the entrance familiar, pretty much similar to places like Marche. Enter into Pasarbella and we were greeted with the nice aroma smell of coffee.  There is a small café selling coffee and cakes as well as freshly grounded coffee for customers to buy back to brew. You can also sit in this café to sip a cup of coffee, talk to the people there and taking small bite of the pie you’ve ordered. There are also accessories for sale such as coffee mugs and pressers. The café, Dutch Colony Coffee Co., offers all that.

Not coffee lover? There is also a small shop selling a variety of tea as well as cooling ice-blended teas to cool the recent heat away. 1872 Clipper Tea Co. – there stood a very nice warm lady who explains the different type of teas and samples to try. Like Dutch Colony Coffee Co., they sell some nice unique tea sets and other tea accessories too. You can also sit in there though the seats aren’t many but it is still cozy.

little provence

Walking further down, there is a section especially for sauces. They really have different types of sauces imported from abroad and yes, they are sauces you don’t usually see them at your regular supermarkets. If there is a sauce you have difficulty finding, perhaps you can try out this place. Little Provence has them all.

organic products

organic grocer

Proceeding down comes an organic store selling organic items. From toiletries to organic packed food to organic juices. This place, The Organic Grocer, has it all the stuff that spells the word Organic.

tangy tangerines


Opposite The Organic Grocer is a small shop selling fresh vegetables and fruits. Tangy Tangerines has strawberries, from the US, which are very red and sweet. All their fruits looked fresh and good too. One of the vegetables they had caught our eye is the Purple Carrot. It is a vegetable you don’t see commonly. Other vegetables look very fresh like something out from Asian Food Channel. Oh by the way, they do sell juices as well nice and chilled. The staffs at the shop are friendly too. Just approach them if you have any inquiry about their wares.

Climbing up small slope, it is a section of alcohol where the sale of many different beers and wines are at. Having a celebration? Perhaps you can pick up a wine or a pack of nice beers from shops such as The Great Beer Experiment.

Walking further made us passed by something familiar. It was 2 empty paella pans.

oceans of seafood


fresh fishes

us oysters

End of Pasarbella was the seafood section, Oceans of Seafood. It has 2 styles in this section; one is the Japanese market style while the other is like the Australia/American market. Of course the Japanese deals mainly in fishes as one thinks of sashimi when looking at fishes such as salmon. On the opposite end are selling mainly shellfishes and crabs. The oysters are really big and we ordered a few to try. There were two types we ordered; one is the salty crisp type and the other is the creamy type. The guy over the counter will open them up, pop a few toothpicks and scattered some cut lemons on the side along with Tabasco. Combo them up and slurp them into your mouth and the oysters just pop its juices out…whoa!


There also sell sakes and Japanese sauces for your Japanese cooking as well. There is also a place to eat sushi/sashimi at the Japanese “market” section. It is an all-in-one place for fresh seafood enjoyment.  Yummy!

Now what is that smell of Paella……


We continued our way and suddenly there is this crowd looking at something cooking and it was none other than my favourite, the Paella! At Da Paolo Gastromania where we stood to watch, the chef was just about to complete cooking the chicken and vegetables over the pan. The crowd looked on and the smell is great. This place has menu for paella going from $11.90. Besides the paella, they do serve up other dishes too such as crepes.

Bet by now you must be wondering where the butchery is….there is a butchery in Pasarbella. James’ Butchery & Co. is the name.



Further down at some corner, there is a small cafe selling homemade jams, muffins, bread, cakes and cupcakes. Nibbles is very English and they do really have some variety of breads and cakes as well as meat dishes to offer. Not to worry, they have menu for beverages to go along with that muffin you have chose there.

pantry magic

Lastly, we ended our Pasarbella journey with Pantry Magic. I tell you, this shop has one of the most beautiful crockery, cutlery and utensils I’ve seen. They even sell the “chopper” that celebrity chef Nigella Lawson has been using to chop up her herbs. It is a smaller version and the price is reasonable.  From colourful Kitchen Aid mixers, silicone baking tools, fanciful cupcakes holders, variety of chef knives and coupled all that with bright interior and soft lightings, Pantry Magic is like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland.

Pasarbella is a supermarket, a grocery store with a style of Marche. Individual stalls to go around ordering your food but at Pasarbella, it is going around ordering your groceries. We must say the foods there are indeed fresh and being an all-in-one supermarket, one not only supermarkets there but on the other hand, you can also take a rest at one of the many cafes and enjoy a sip or settle for some meals there before heading home with the fresh foods bought from Pasarbella.

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