Frog and I were invited for media food tasting at Kushi Dining Bar last Friday. Both of us are fans of Japanese cuisine and were actually looking forward to try out the food at Kushi Dining Bar. The restaurant was previously located at Hotel Windsor and now Kushi Dining Bar is located on 3rd floor in Hotel Royal. Words to describe the food that we had tried during the food tasting: Fresh, Quality and Delicious!

Kushi Dining Bar_1 The menu is refreshed on a six monthly basis, Kushi  Dining Bar’s latest menu will feature a mix of familiar favourites brought back by popular demand, as well as new additions that are rare in Singapore. Here are the well loved favourites and new addition food that we had tried during the food tasting:

Well Loved Favourite Dishes:

Kushi Dining Bar_2

 Pitan Tofu

Never thought of using Pitan (century egg) as a ingredient in tofu dishes. All hand made by the chef from the tofu to the sauce. While it is quite a light and simple dish, it’s not widely available in Singapore. The sauce and pitan compliments the tofu.

Kushi Dining Bar_3

Lobster Porridge

Kushi Dining Bar_4

The lobster porridge is not the congee type but the Teochew type where the rice is mix with the lobster soup broth and lobster. The broth is infused with the freshness and seafood sweetness of the lobster. This is so good! Serving piping hot and I will definitely order this again when I patronise the restaurant. Feeling hungry with the thought of this lobster porridge that I had last Friday.

Kushi Dining Bar_5

Ton Toro (Pork Cheek)

Pork cheek is very high in protein and this was my first time eating this. Tender and juicy.

New Additions Dish:

Kushi Dining Bar_6

Shiro Maguro Aburi Sushi

Kushi Dining Bar_7

Shiro Maguro sushi – The fish is rarely served in Japanese restaurants in Singapore, and possibly around 5-6 fine dining restaurants have it. It is because the fish is difficult to prepare: the meat is bland naturally. Kushi Dining has a special marinate for this fish.

The fish is lightly torched before being made into sushi. おいしい! Falling in love with this dish.

Kushi Dining Bar_8

 Anago Tempura

Anago is the Japanese word for salt-water eels. To me it tastes a bit like unagi. However, Anago is slightly less rich and oily as compared to unagi. Very soft in texture too. This dish is almost exclusively available only in high end fine dining restaurants. Now you can also savour this luxurious dish at Kushi Dining Bar.

Kushi Dining Bar_8

Cheese Tempura

Other Dishes From The Buffet Menu:

Kushi Dining Bar_9

 Mixed Sashimi

Look at the thick slab of cut sashimi. This is so fresh!

Kushi Dining Bar_Oysters


Kushi Dining Bar_12

Kushi Dining Bar_12

Wayu Beef from US, Missouri

Look at how succulent and juicy the wayu beef.

Kushi Dining Bar_14

 Garlic Rice

Kushi Dining Bar_17

Scallop and Cheese Bacon

The grilled scallop is very fresh and tasty. I love the combination of the bacon withe cheese. Cheese oozing out when I had a bite of the bacon. Delicious!

Kushi Dining Bar_15

 Surune Ika

Kushi Dining Bar_15

Kushi Dining Bar_16

 Hamachi Kama

Look at how tender the fish is. With so many variety of dishes to choose from, we are spoil for choices and high value find. The chef at Kushi Dining Bar has 20 years of experience, customer can be assured of high quality and freshness.

Good news to share! As part of Kushi Dining Bar’s Sixth Anniversary celebrations, each customer who purchases a buffet will enjoy:

Classic Buffet: A complimentary serving of Unagi Kabayaki

Premium Buffet: A complimentary serving of Lobster salad

Gourmet Buffet: A 10% discount

The promotions are available from now till 30 September 2014.

There are three types of ala carte buffets you can choose from- Classic, Premium and Gourmet with prices ranging from $41.90 ++ for adults (Mon to Thurs) onwards. For more information and reservations, do visit their website over here

We will definitely be back again to Kushi Dining Bar for quality Japanese ala carte buffet. Do remember to make reservation especially for dinner as it can get quite crowded.

Thanks Kushi Dining Bar for the awesome meal!


Kushi Dining Bar

36 Newton Road, #03-01 Hotel Royal


Opening Hours:

11.30 am to 2.30pm

5.30pm to 9.30pm

Tel: 6285 6525

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