It is been sometime since I had baked. Happened to stumbled upon Pandan cupcake recipes by Food Playground and decided to try the recipe. A very easy to follow recipe and the pandan cupcakes look very fluffy and delicious. The pandan cupcake goes well with a cup of tea/coffee. Great dessert for tea time!

Getting the pandan cupcake batter ready for baking!

Baking in progress.

Mini Pandan Cupcakes

The pandan cupcake texture is soft and fluffy! You guys can try baking them too. Have a great weekend ahead.

Stay tune on more blog post on recipes and updates! Cheers 🙂

  8 comments for “PANDAN CUPCAKES

  1. ling
    April 2013 at


    I am new to rowenta oven and noticed that we have the same oven. would like to know which rack should i use if i am doing baking? =)

  2. Dariel
    April 2013 at

    Hi Ling,

    I am using the bottom rack for doing baking. 🙂


  3. ling
    April 2013 at

    Thanks Dariel =)

    Love yr blog!!! ^^

  4. Dariel
    April 2013 at

    Hi Ling,

    Thanks for the comment. 🙂


  5. Lilian
    March 2014 at

    Need few advise from you for rowenta oven:
    Should I per heat the oven before bake n is there preheat mode for this ?
    Is it all kind of cake , we put it on the lowest rack and how about the temperature and the heat( need fan?)
    How about cookies, which rack, temperature and the heat?

    Sorry , asking you so much question.
    Thanks, Lilian

  6. Dariel
    March 2014 at

    Hi Lilian,

    Yes it is good to preheat the oven. There is no preheat mode, however you can first set to your desired temperature and once the temperature has reached, the thermometer icon will stop blinking. You can than use the oven to bake your stuff and set the time for baking.

    For cakes i am using fan mode except for butter cake i am using tradtional mode. I will place the cake at the lowest rack. 🙂

    For cookies, I am using the last 2 racks and fan mode too. The temperature will depends on what your recipe has stated. ‘

    No worries Lilian. Hope my reply helps. 🙂


  7. Celine Wong
    August 2014 at

    Hi Dariel
    I bought Rowenta oven OC7868. I was having problem baking since I bought it as the baking time differs from the recipe book and the final output varies greatly. Could you let me know when to use those different modes and should the rack be placed at the bottom or middle.

    I did the pandan chiffon cake today using the fan mode and surprisingly it turns out perfect.

    Looking fwd to catching up with you on yr blog.

  8. Dariel
    August 2014 at

    Hi Celine,

    I usually use fan mode and lowest rack for chiffon cakes. For egg tarts, i will use traditional mode ( top and bottom heat) @ lowest rack. For cookies, i am using fan mode too.

    For the temperature difference, perphaps you can put a thermometer in the oven and check the set temperature of the oven. Most of the times I had followed the recipe book temperature for my Rowenta oven OC7868 and it works.

    Hope my reply do help you.


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