I have always wanted to try baking chiffon cake as it is one of my family and my favourite cake. I am clueless on how to bake chiffon cake and have decided to learn baking them at Sugar Inc. Sugar Inc is located in Tiong Bahru just opposite PSB school. This is my first time attending baking class at Sugar Inc. The shop is very spacious and neat. The class is  hands on which i prefer as i can really practice and this makes me remembers the steps better. Ana whom is the teacher had grouped us in a pair. After giving us detail explanation and demonstration on how to bake the chiffon cake, we are ready to start baking our own pandan and orange chiffon cake!

 2 of the students allocated to one work bench.Here we go trying out to bake the chiffon cake and ready to place them in the oven.

After 30 mins of waiting:




The chiffon cake is ready to be out from the oven. However it need to be cool down for another 20 to 25 mins to be taken out from the tin mould.

Here is Ana teaching us how to remove the chiffon cake from the mould.

The attentive students listeniing to the teacher teaching.

Here is the chiffon cake :



 Pandan chiffon cake

SO light and Fluffy

 Orange Chiffon Cake

Tea + Orange Chiffon Cake 

After the class every one of us is able to bring back home one whole pandan and orange chiffon cake that we had baked earlier on. I am quite surprise the school provide boxes to contain the cakes too. Overall the class is easy to follow and Ana is very clear in her teaching too. The class is kept small and this allow us to be interactive and query the teacher when in doubt. Ana is very experience baker and she had shared with us tips of baking chiffon cake and other flavour recipe chiffon cake. The basic rule is know the fundemental of baking chiffon cake. I guess i will attend other baking classes conduted by Ana.

I had tried baking the orange chiffon cake this morning using the rowenta oven and it is a sucess! I am so happy. Shall blog about it soon. Stay tune!

Have a great week ahead! 🙂


  1. Annie Yeo
    November 2013 at

    I would like to learn baking chiffon cake, cupcakes, plain bread and buns with coconut fillings.
    Please let me know your next available workshops

  2. banu
    June 2014 at

    Hi i wld like yo learN how to make brownie..any class coming up on tat

  3. Dariel
    June 2014 at

    Hi Banu,

    Sugar Inc closes its studio in May but Chef Anna will still be around teaching baking on a part-time basis at other locations.
    For more information, you can visit her blog for latest updates.

    Have a good day ahead. 🙂


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