The Rowenta OC7868 Bench Top Oven

The baking on YummyFoodBook, is not done without the help of our best buddy, the Rowenta OC7868 Bench Top Oven. These methods are carried out based on the oven.

Dariel uses the oven for her baking on this blog.

To know more about the Rowenta oven used here, you can read it through the links below:

Now the oven is happy we have made credits to it for our works on YummyFoodBook. Happy Bakes! 😀

  5 comments for “OUR HARDWARE TO BAKE

  1. Mei
    February 2014 at


    I can see that you are using a chrome rack? to hold your Rowenta Oven. May I know where did you buy the rack and how did you get the wooden plank below the oven?

    I am thinking of doing the same for my house so quite like your idea…


  2. Dariel
    February 2014 at

    Hi Mei,

    I had bought the chrome rack at Howard Storage place ( Marine Parade). The wooden plank come together with the rack. Happy shopping! 🙂


  3. Mei
    February 2014 at

    Thanks Dariel!

  4. Gwen
    April 2014 at

    Hi, I’ve just bought the Rowenta OC7868 Oven from Courts Megamart Tampines. Now looking for a rack to hold the oven. Hoping to learn some new cooking skills with this oven. How can I join the cooking class?

  5. Dariel
    April 2014 at

    Hi Gwen,

    You can go the Courts Megamart Tampinese and check with the Rowenta promoter Scharlie on his cooking or baking schedule. He is a friendly man.. 🙂

    Happy cooking using the new rowenta oven..


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