After attending the chiffon baking class on sat, I can’t wait to start baking my first chiffon cake on Sunday morning. Since I do not have the aluminium tin, I had gone to Phoon Huat on Sunday morning to buy the tin. I had bought the 8 inches (21 – 23cm) aluminium tin as the 6 inches ones are out of stock. As the weight of the ingredients got to be as accurate as possible, I had also gotten myself a digital weighing balance from Carrefour the night before. With all the ingredients and tools ready, I am ready to start baking my first orange chiffon cake base on what i had learnt from Ana (Sugar Inc). Here i go!

I had always wondered why there is a hole in the middle of chiffon cake. Now i know the reason for this. As mentioned by Ana, Chiffon cake is considered a ‘wet base cake’ and the middle protruding part of the tin is conduct heat from the oven and heat up the cake at the centre during baking. That’s the reason for the shape of the tin mould for chiffon cake.

Tips for baking chiffon cake:

Whipping of egg white to obtain soft peak:

Use a clean dry bowl (not plastic) to whip the egg white; Ensure egg yolk are properly separated from the whites. Use fresh egg. Whip egg whites at room temperature

Make sure the oven temperature is set at the desired temperature.

Baking of chiffon cake in progress using my rowenta oven.




After 40 mins of baking and 30 mins of cooling down of the orange chiffon cake, here is the final product:




Orange Chiffon Cake 

I am so glad that my familly and friends love the chiffon cake that i had baked! Will definetly going to try baking Pandan chiffon cake over the long weekend.

Stay tune for more blog post.:)

  11 comments for “ORANGE CHIFFON CAKE

  1. Ameko
    August 2012 at

    Hello, your cake looks so tasty 🙂 may I know what oven mode that you used for this cake? Im using the same oven too! I tried once and I used fan mode. Thanks!! 🙂

  2. Dariel
    August 2012 at

    Hi Ameko,

    I had used the fan mode and bake it at 170 degree celcius. Thank u for popping by my blog! 😉


  3. Cindy
    September 2012 at

    Hi, I am interested in buying the oven model you are using. Could you please let me know the maxmimum temperature that the oven can reach? Thanks!

  4. Dariel
    September 2012 at

    Hi Cindy,

    The max temperature that the oven can reach is 240 degree celcius. 🙂


  5. October 2013 at

    Dariel, I always have problem baking chiffon (cupcakes) in fan forced oven. Maybe I should try again after reading your success chiffon cake post!

  6. Dariel
    October 2013 at

    Hi Simonne,

    You can try baking the chiffon cakes.. Have fun!


  7. Lilian
    March 2014 at

    Hi Dariel

    Your chiffon cake looks so good and perfect. Today i baked vanilla chiffon cake using rowenta oven .
    I switch to convection mode n put on the lower rack of the oven at 160 degree but not even 20 minutes the surface was cracked . Could you guide me for this matter. And what mode should I use for baking bread , I used traditional mode at 205 degree at Lower rack but the surface of the bread very fast burn before the time and I found that the heat not even , I always bake bun for 15 minutes n loaf 30 minutes at the same temperature 205, is it the correct way? Should I follow the temperature according to recipe or reduce by 10 degree?
    Thanks for your help

  8. Dariel
    March 2014 at

    Hi Lilian,

    I am using fan mode on the lower rack at 170 degree and bake for 30mins for 6 inch chiffon pans. Just to check if your chiffon cake did rise? A bit of crack at the surface is inevitable but not to worry as the top surface will eventually be the bottom.

    For the homemade apricot and walnut bread, i follow the recipe temperature at 205 degree and bake for 12 mins. I am using traditional mode and bake at the lowest rack. If you are worried on uneven heat for the oven, you can try using place the temperature sensor and check on the oven set temperature. It will be better to follow the recipe temperature baking temp and time.

    Hope my reply help.


  9. Grace
    August 2016 at

    Hi Dariel

    Thank you for sharing your experience in baking especially chiffon cake using Rowenta oven.
    Recently, I m also into baking chiffon cakes. Your post on the Orange Chiffon cake looks good and I am wondering if you could share your recipe.
    Thank you v much in advance,

  10. May 2017 at

    Hi Dariel,

    I just wonder what is Fan Mode in Rowenta oven.
    is it Convection Fan or Pastries?


  11. Dariel
    May 2017 at

    Hi Wati,

    Fan mode is convection mode in rowenta oven.


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