Just recently, Frog and I were invited to The Entertainer app event held at Napoleon Food & Wine Bar located at Telok Ayer Street. You may wonder why over at Napoleon Food & Wine Bar? It’s because this intimate 42-seaters is one of the many merchants offering 1-for-1 main menu deals on The Entertainer app. The app is one thing but the food is another and so before you decided to buy The Entertainer app or click to redeem the 1-for-1 main menu coupon, why not we take you a tour around this place and perhaps show you the menu the guys are serving over at this food and wine bar?

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar_1

The inspiration of Napoleon Food & Wine Bar is based largely on, yes you guessed it, Napoleon Bonaparte. It was because we observed a link that Napoleon is French and French is associated with wines with various Napoleon Bonaparte interior décor as well as its tagline saying “In victory, you deserve Champagne. In defeat, you need it.” We find this tagline to be pretty “close at heart” because we think it means whether you had a victory or defeat or simply after a hard day at work, you should pop by over to have glass.

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar_2

One thing we observed is that Napoleon Food & Wine Bar is a lot relaxed and really as what Jean Christophe Cadoret, the owner of this fine restaurant, less intimidating when it comes to wine tasting. We must admit we are not wine connoisseurs. We’ve ever been to a place where we were so stressed up with the ambience and yes, the wine jargons during our wine tasting back then.

In the centre of the restaurant is a wine dispenser machine holding 32 European wines within. Customers can have the opportunity to have tasting portions, half or full glass, with prices starting from $10 per glass.

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar_3

These wines, instead of being labelled and introduced to using complicated wine jargons, they are categorized into 8 simple layman terms dividing between the red and white wines. For the red wines they are classified into ‘smooth’, ‘fruity’, ‘deep’ or ‘spicy’ while for the white wines are classified into ‘dry’, ‘rich’, ‘fruity’ or ‘sweet’. We saw these wines are kept at appropriate temperatures and properly attached to the dispenser machines so no loss in the wines’ quality affecting its taste for maximum appreciation. Hey, after all this is a wine bar too! Napoleon is not going to be very happy if he sees or drinks lousy wine!


Now you don’t have to be a wine expert from Chandon & Moet to appreciate these wines.

The ambience is relaxing we would say, drinking and eating to the songs of Oasis’s “Don’t Look Back in Anger”, “Don’t Go Away” and Edwards Sharpes & the Magnetic Zeros’s “Home” as we and the other many customers that night, talked merrily away over their dinner tables. The lightings are warmly lit coupled with a combination of rustic and winery interiors.



Now the star of the blog post, the food. In a nutshell, the food the guys served up are flavourful and fresh. These were what’s served that night:



Terrine of Foie Gras with Figs served with Fruit Chutney, Monbazillac & Balsamic Reduction

 The foie gras is fresh and well-cooked without the ugly after taste that spells poor quality. It goes well with the cheese.



Egg Yolk, Capers & Crispy Truffle Potatoes with Parmesan

The beef tasted fresh by itself before we mixed it up with the capers, egg yolk and chopped onions. The combination together, having it with the truffle potatoes is a very pleasant experience.

Main Courses:




Slowly-Roasted Angus Beef Tenderloin with Carrot Puree, Caramelized Onion, Gratin Dauphinois, Ratatouille & Red Wine Sauce

Here at the Angus Beef dish segment, the beef is all that matters. The rest are just complimentary to it. Beef not nice, the rest nice also no use right? Haha! The beef was tender and juicy. We guessed their roasting has controlled it well locking in the juices and resulting in just-nice medium-rare state without being bloody as well. Take a fork, jab a piece of beef, a bit of Ratatouille, swipe a bit of red wine sauce and pop into mouth…gosh! Delicious!


SHRIMPS (or BRAISED VEGETABLES) TRUFFLE CAPELLINI $21/$19 (Braised veg truffle capellini)
Thin Pastas with Confit Shrimps, Salted Seaweed & Truffle Oil

The truffle flavor was strong for this dish. For those who enjoy the truffle-ly flavor will surely enjoy this dish. The shrimps were plenty and crunchy and the thin pastas were not overcooked. This is basically an Italian-Asian fusion dish because we were given chopsticks to eat this pasta dish. Dried wanton noodles inspired we guess. Unique.


CREAMY LOBSTER RISOTTO $36 Acquarello Rice & Green Asparagus

To be honest here, the only thing we liked about this dish, is THE LOBSTERS!!! The lobsters were in big, thick pieces! Chewy, fresh and sweet are the only words can describe the lobster pieces. The risotto is cooked to the right texture that we felt it’s like congee – creamy. You know some places the risotto is always on both sides of the scale either too watery or sticky you can make into a rice cake. Congee is the word here to describe this dish.





DUO OF CHOCOLATE $12 Chocolate Ganache & Mi-cuit Canelewith Salted Caramel, Artisan Vanilla Gelato & Coffee Crumble

This dessert is something you can try after you have done with your mains.

Not to mention, we were served with a glass of bordeaux, St Emilion Grand Cru, Chateau Gravet Renaissance to go along with the entrees.

Napoleon Food & Wine Bar is a restaurant that serves up good quality food as well as wine. The way they handled their wines, their approachability and easing the intimidation of wine appreciation just shows how passionate they are towards wine and their ideas of making the art of wine tasting reach further to amateurs or those who wish to pick up this art. On the food aspect, a peek into their kitchen sees the chefs’ passion for creating and whipping up quality dishes – their presentation tells it all. Even the serving crews were always making rounds to make sure customers are well-taken care of.

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