Finally after much consideration and thoughts, I had finally decided to buy a bench top  electric oven instead of  the build in type. Previously I am using the Panasonic microwave with convection baking mode to bake my cupcakes, cookies and cakes. However, the quantity I can bake at a time is not as much and it will take a few rounds to finish baking. I find that it is quite time consuming. Thus with my interest in baking, I had decided to buy a bigger capacity oven so that I bake more in a shorter period of time. Especially during festive season like Christmas and Chinese new year.

So the question is : Bench top oven or build in oven?

Initially we thought of the build in oven. Frog and I had looked through the kitchen to see which are the possible space / area for the oven. We had go around to source for the build in oven and checked with the staff on how to re ‘renovate’ the cabinet space for the build in oven.

Advice from the staff:

1. Get a carpenter to do up the space for the build in oven ( Re renovate – involves knocking down of existing cabinets etc)

2. Go to ikea to buy the ‘box’ to contain the build in oven. Ikea do sell this kind of ‘box’ that fits most build in oven.

We had checked on the price for the carpenter and it cost about $200 or more for the carpentry work. The ‘box’ from Ikea cost about $160 or more depends on the laminate that you choose. Option 2 was out due to space constrain in the kitchen.

After much thinking and planning, frog and I thought that it will be quite troublesome to re renovate the kitchen and not to add on more cost to our pockets. A build in oven ranges from $700 plus and more Thus the idea of getting build in oven was out. So next question which brand of bench top oven is better? Any additional space to place the oven? Another round of sourcing the bench top oven , reading up online for bench top oven review an space allocation for the oven. I am so glad that frog go through all the sourcing and planning with me.It makes the buying process fun! 2 brains is better than 1.

After looking through reviews and shopping around, we had decided to buy Rowenta OC7868 38L Electric Oven. So far, it is the only bench top oven with internal fan for even distribution of heat. This is a plus point as temperature of the oven is a very important factor for baking. I had bought the oven from Tampines Mega Courts. Courts sales person told us that there will be a Rowenta promoter station at their outlet and he will answer any queries on the oven. Not only that, we can call him in advance to tell him what cake / cookies we are interested to learn and he will buy the ingredients and give a demonstration on how to bake. The promoter is on leave when we went to purchase the oven.  I will definitely call and ask him to show us how to bake butter cake.

Rowenta OC7868 Bench Top Electric Oven

I had started to bake cookies and cakes using the new Rowenta OC7868 oven. Stay tune for oven review.   🙂

Counting down to weekend! Cheers! 🙂


  1. lydia
    August 2015 at

    Hi hi, read about your blog on Rowenta oven. Can i know if the heat distribution is even? I am in need of one that can provide resonable heat distribution for baking macarons shells. And how about demo on the oven… Cant seem to find it anywhere :p

  2. Dariel
    August 2015 at

    Hi Lydia,

    I have not baked macarons yet, however I did attended one of Scharlie’s baking demonstration on macarons using Rowenta oven. The macarons shell is able to raise. Perhaps I should try baking macarons soon. 🙂


  3. Scharlie Lim
    August 2015 at


    I will be doing rowenta oven at Takashimaya [Atrium] till 23rd August
    daily from 1230 hrs to 1900 hrs

    24 to 30 August Court Toa Payoh

    17 and 18 Aug I am off

    Price of Rowenta had increase:

    OC 7868 $820

    OC 7891 $998

    You can still get it cheaper at some road show

    Court MegaTex [Singapore Expo]

    OC 7868 $650

    OC 7891 $799

    For your info and update

  4. Scharlie Lim
    August 2015 at


    Rowenta model OC 7891 can purchase at $799 till this Sunday 23rd August then after the price will increased.

    Free Delivery

  5. Scharlie Lim
    August 2015 at


    Rowenta model OC 7891 can purchase at $799 till this Sunday 23rd August then after the price will increased. At Takashimaya Atrium

    Free Delivery

  6. Scharlie Lim
    September 2015 at

    Hi my Demo Schedule for the month September 2015

    3rd to 6 September Square 2 Novena Harvey Norman

    8 to 13 September Harvey Norman Bukit Panjang
    9 and 10 off [Company training and meeting]

    14 to 27 September Court Mega Tampines [Next to IKEA]

    29 to 4 October Causeway point Woodland


    Time: 1300 hrs to appox 1800 hrs


    Thank you and good day


  7. Scharlie Lim
    September 2015 at


    There are Rowenta oven offer at Harvey Norman Novena [Square 2] this week

  8. Scharlie Lim
    September 2015 at


    I will be doing demo at Harvey Norman at Bukit Panjang Plaza on Fri, Sat and Sunday

    Friday we had Pizza

    Those whom want to know more about Rowenta oven can come to my counter between 1 pm to 5 pm

    Good day

  9. Alee
    September 2015 at

    Hi May I know where do you buy your kitchen trolley? I like it as it can fit oc7868 nicely.

  10. Glenn
    September 2015 at


    I’ve done some research for my family’s upcoming purchase and has short listed Rowenta as one of my selection, thanks to your blog contributions of your experience. I would like to know if any demo schedule or date is available from now (28th Sep 2015) through October so that we may make further enquiries for it. Thank you!

  11. Pat
    October 2015 at

    Hi Scharlie,
    May I know your demo schedule in October 2015?


  12. Scharlie Lim
    October 2015 at

    Hi my Demo for Oct 2015:

    9th to 11 Oct Court Mega [Next to IKEA]

    13th to 18 Oct NEX [Court] Upper Serangoon

    20th to 25 Oct Causeway Point [Court] Woodland

    27th to 1st Nov Tampines Mall [Next to Century Square] Court

    Every Monday off

    Demo time: 1 pm to approx. 6 pm

    Those whom want to know more on Rowenta Oven can call at my Counter.

  13. c-rick
    October 2015 at


    Any idea will there be promotion when you come to cwp? My slightly over one yr old Rowenta oven tripped (cos I was away and didn’t heat up often). Am thinking of getting a new set.

  14. Chua LH
    November 2015 at

    Hi Scharlie

    May I please have your demo schedule for the month of Nov?


  15. Dariel
    November 2015 at

    Hi Alee,

    I had purchased the kitchen at Howard Storage World Singapore. Hope my reply helps.


  16. Scharlie Lim
    November 2015 at


    My Demo Schedule for December 2015

    1st to 8th Dec Takakshimaya Dept Store [Basement 1]

    10th Dec Milenmium Walk

    12th to 27 Dec Court Mega Tampines [Next to IKEA]

    30th Dec to 3rd Jan Court Clementi

    No Demo on 9th, 12th and 29 Dec Company Commitment

    Off Every Monday Demo: 1pm to approx. 6.30 pm

    Most Demo session include Stainless Steel Pan Cooking and Rice Cooker

    For your info and update

  17. Wendy
    January 2016 at

    Hi Scharlie

    May I please have your demo schedule in January,February and March 16?

  18. January 2016 at

    Hi Scharlie

    May I please have your demo schedule for the month of February
    And March 2016. Thanks

  19. January 2016 at

    Hi Scharlie,

    What is your schedule like after Chinese New Year.



  20. Shirley Goh
    February 2016 at

    Hi Daniel,

    I would like to know where can I purchase the stainless steel stand for the Rowenta oven? I like the stainless steel stand you post in the picture. Thank you.

  21. Min
    June 2016 at

    Hi Scharlie,

    My wife is quite keen on the Rowenta 7868 model. What are your June/July demo schedule dates and locations please. Also, where can I purchase at the best price and what is the warranty period please?

  22. Jason
    December 2016 at

    Hi Can I check the dimension of ur rack cant seem to find such a size for the rowenta oven. or the rack width can be smaller. Please advise

  23. jason
    December 2016 at

    Hi Scharlie,

    I am looking to buy the rowenta 7868 model however i cant seem to find a rack or stand that can hold 56cmx55cm. Do you have any stand to recommend. Thanks.


  24. Dariel
    December 2016 at

    Hi Jason, the rack is included when i had purchase the oven. The rack size is app 41cm (length) by 30cm (width). Perphaps you will want to check with Rowenta if they do sell the rack.


  25. Mi
    January 2017 at

    Any special promo coming up for Rowenta OC7891 and OC7868?

  26. loreen
    January 2017 at

    Hi, I just bought the Rowenta Oven 7868 model. I tried baking cookies. (2 trays) However the cookies on the left side of the lower tray got burnt or darken more than the rest. (The side which has the light bulb. I set to convention mode)

    I also switched the trays in between baking. It seems the heat on this side is “higher”. Is this normal ?
    Appreciate any advice and comments. Thank you

  27. Dariel
    January 2017 at

    Hi Loreen,

    I also do encounter this where the left side got darken before the rest. Usually I will switched the trays in between baking ( especially for cookies baking). This will help. Sometimes I will also reduce 5 degree celcius lower of the desired baking temperature.

    Hope my reply helps.


  28. J. Tan
    March 2017 at


    The fan on my very old Rowenta oven is not working anymore and I am considering buying the Rowenta 7891 after reading all the positive feedback.

    Can I know where I can see the demo of the oven and what are the timings please.
    Would love to buy my oven soonest and make use of all the amazing functions mentioned.

    Can I have the demo schedules please? Are there any other locations for the demo besides Courts Megastore in Tampines?

    Thanks in advance.

  29. Dariel
    November 2017 at

    Hi everyone,

    We have closed the forum due to spam and we just set up a closed group on Facebook with regards to using the Rowenta OC7868 oven for your kitchen needs. You can find the group through this link:

    Feel free to post photos of your bakes, share recipes, ask questions, asking for help with problems encountered during your baking with the Rowenta OC7868 oven or even raise awareness of latest Rowenta OC7868 oven deal if you happen to know one.

    p.s if you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry, you can still post your questions here in the comments section.

    See you guys there! 🙂

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