Frog and I had just returned from our Bangkok short trip last week. Together with our 2 lovely friends, we had fun exploring new shopping malls, café and restaurant with our friends. Unexpectly, the weather of Bangkok is cooling for the month of December and at some nights the temperature had dropped to 19˚C. If you are visiting Bangkok for this period, do check out their weather and bring enough clothing to stay warm! It is great to travel in 4 as we can order lots of food on table and get to try out different dishes!

We had happened to chance upon this cute café Mr Jones’ Orphanage at Siam Centre Shopping Mall level 3 and we are attracted by the vintage café’s décor and dessert display. The café is decorated with fluffy teddy bears, vintage prints, toys and delicious cakes display, we feel like stepping into a whimsical world of childhood fantasies with variety of sweets to indulge in.

Mr Jones' Orphanage

I really love how the café displays their tasty cakes, cookies, macarons and tarts high near their entrance. Attracted at the cosy orphanage-inspired café decorated with swinging teddy bears and plenty of Lego to play with . How I have wish to open up a cafe like this….The cakes are yummy too and I love their red velvet cakes that is moist in texture! It really goes well with the hot cafe latte that I had ordered.

Mr Jones’ Orphanage_Cakes

I love the cute vintage teapot set too!


Mr Jones’ Orphanage café is located close to Siam BTS sky train station. Do check out Mr Jones’ Orphange if you are at Bangkok for a holiday! 🙂


  1. fiona
    March 2016 at

    Hihi i love your pics! Just checking if u know if the vintage tea pot set is for sale?

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