Frog and I were amazed when the milk tea and corn soup that we had ordered are served in glass and glass bowl instead of paper cups. MOS BURGER always served their drinks and soups in paper cups and we thought that they had decided to go green for our EARth and minimised their usage on paper products. Thus we asked the cashier if these applies to all outlet? She told me that it is only available in orchard central outlet. This is the first time that we saw cutlery used in MOS BURGER.

Ice Milk Tea in Glass Cup!

Corn Soup in MOS Burger Bowl

Nice hot soup in Glass Cute Bowl

We feel that the corn soup taste even better in glass bowl than in paper cup! Slurp Slurp! I love their cute little soup bowl too. I even ask frog if we can buy those bowl from mos burger. But i guess it is not available for sale. Guess if i am at orchard area, i will definitely go to orchard central mos burger that is more quiet and less crowd and of course soup and drink that are served in glass bowl and glass.

It is going to be monday soon in an hour time. Hope you guys have a great weekend n feel recharge for the coming monday! Cheers!


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