In Singapore, we can get to try out cuisine from other part of the world. Not only local food, we can get to eat authentic Thai food, Vietnamese food, Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, Muslim food, Indian food, Western food and etc. You name it and we have it. You need not to be at that country to taste their local food as we have investor bringing their country brand food and opening up food chains or restaurants in Singapore. So bless!

I had heard of Jollibee from my Filipinos colleague and they mentioned that we must try out the food there. However my colleague had warned me of the super long queue and I thought that they are exaggerating about it. Jollibee is the largest fast food chain in the Philippines and they have others stores located in USA, Vietnam, Brunei, Jeddah, Qatar, and Kuwait and recently in Singapore. I am so glad to be invited for food tasting session in Jollibee located at level 6 of Lucky Plaza. When I got there, I got a shocked of the massive queue. Though it is only 11am, there are already a lot of people queuing for the food. Seeing is believing. Than I had realised what my colleague had warned about the queue was true indeed.

Jollibee Latest Fast Food Store @ Lucky Plaza Level 6

 The queue does not start here (Outside Jollibee)…But..




We also have people queuing way far away from the entrance of Jollibee. This is the first time i see so many people queuing for fast food.

The manager told us that on average the customer needs to wait for 2 hours for the food. They have a total of 8 counters and they are trying to think of ways to improve the situation such that the customers need not wait for so long. However as you can see from the photos above, I guess it is not too easy to handle such a crowd.

Jollibee fast food restaurant has seating capacity of 300 people. Look at how crowded the restaurant is.

Here comes the food.



Jollibee Spaghetti

I like their packaging as it is very cute and colourful.

Spaghetti ala carte $3.00

Chunkiest slices of savoury ham and sausages, load with ground beef and topped with lots of cheese. The sauce taste sweet and it goes well with the ingredients and spaghetti. Slurp…

2 pcs Jolibee Chicken Joy

I really love their fried chicken. The meat is fresh, tender, juicy and crispy on the outside. The most important thing is it is not as oily as compare to other fast food. The chicken joy is a must try dish if you come to Jollibee for meal.

Looking back at these photos makes me hungry.

 You can order the 2 pcs chickenjoy with rice ala carte @ $5.60. The steaming hot rice goes well with their sauce. You can even dip the chicken into the sauce too.

Jollibee Fries 

The fries is not too oily too. I love to dip them with the Jollibee sauce.

Double Yumburger with TLC value meal @ $6.00

Value meal is inclusive of drink and fries.

 Two 100% pure beef patty served with mayo, a sliced of fresh tomato, crisp lettuce and creamy cheese all in a soft sesame bun. This is another must try dish. One word to describe the beef burger: Delicious!

Chocolate Sundae $1.50

A great way to end a hearty meal is dessert!

I had happened to chance upon a website saying that there is a face book page to boycott Jollibee Singapore. I guess that person should try taste the food first before setting up that face book page. Think i won’t comment too much on this.

I will definitely bring frog to try out Jollibee but hopefully the crowd will die down so that we will not wait for too long. It is worth trying the food @ Jollibee! 🙂

Location: 6th Floor Lucky Plaza, Orchard Singapore

Opening Hours: 9.00am – 9.00pm


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