Frog and I had attended the session of The Spicy Face off organise by McDonald at Bishan park. This is a faceoff from the current champion Mc Spicy burger (10- year champion) and the newly created burger.  Mc Spicy burger has faced a new challenger! The burger got spicier and good news is that you guys can vote which is your favourite McDonald spicy Burger online.

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The Spicy Face Off

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The Challenger: Double Red Peri Scorcher Burger + Passion Fruit McFizz

 A juicy, whole muscle chicken marinated with red Peri chilli, cumin, corriander and lemon, cooked in a cripsy batter with cracker wheat and top with spicy and red hot peri sauce.  The burger goes well with the Passion Fruit McFizz and citrus thai shaker fries!

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Citrus Thai Shaker

Pict 3image017

Shake shake shake and the fries taste great with the shaker. It compliments the spicyness of the burger with a little of sourness and citrus taste.

Pict 5image015

Personally i prefer the new red peri scorcher burger. Not only it is spicy,  it has the zesty and citrus aftertaste. It goes well with the fried cripsy chicken muscle. However frog perfer Mc Spciy burger as he feels that it is spicer.

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Vote for your favourite spicy burger today!

The new peri scorcher burger is available in McDonald on 16 May 2013. Check out McDonald’s Facebook page to vote for your favourite burgers!


  1. sharon papa bear chan
    May 2013 at

    dropping in to say, what nice recipes and interesting posts you guys have here! i’ll be sure to check back for more 😉

  2. Dariel
    May 2013 at

    Hi Sharon,

    Thanks for the lovely comment! 🙂

    Dariel & Kenneth

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