I had a nice hang out dinner with my friends at plaza singapura Manhattan fish market.  As usual the place is packed with people and we had difficulties talking to one another. We are basically raising our voices to one another… good place for just dining only but not to chill out and having gals’ chit chatting session. Here is what we had ordered.

fishy 1IMG_0010

Fish with Chips (Dory Fish)

mushroomIMG_0012Fried Button Mushroom

platter 1IMG_0013

Seafood platter

For me, i feel that the fried mushroom is a bit too oily. I prefer mushroom that is grilled, stew or as an ingredient in the soup. However different people have different preference and liking on how their food to be cooked. I love mushroom. Yummy!

 Have a nice weekend ahead. Enjoy!

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  1. Geraldine
    May 2010 at

    Hi ,

    Great post and i m a fan of mahanttan fish market too…:) Will keep on visiting the site!

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