Calling out all Lipton tea lovers. If you are a fan of Lipton tea, now is the opportunity to try out customise Lipton tea sets that is paired with Canelé sweet and savoury items.  Lipton opens world’s first pop-up High Tea Bar in Singapore @ Plaza Singapura, Main Atrium. Discover the art of tea and food pairing from 16 to 21 April 2013, 11am to 8.30pm daily. With the right pairing, it can actually bring out the flavour of food and tea.

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Lipton Pop-Up High Tea Bar

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For tonight event, we have Lipton Tea expert, Food Technologist Miss Wong to share with us some tips of tea brewing. To brew a cup of nice tea, it is dependent on the following factors:

  1. Size of Tea Leaves (This will affect infusion rate)
  2. Temperature of the water (80◦C to 90◦C)
  3. Mineral content of water (It will be good to use distilled water)
  4. Infusion Time (Dependent on individual preference)
  5. Do not uses reboil water to make your cup of tea as this will spoil the taste of the tea leaves.

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Chef Christophe Grilo also shared with us on how he had come out up with compatible sweet and savoury dessert to go with each different type of Lipton tea.

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Lipton is in working collaboration with Executive Pastry Chef Christophe Grilo from Canelé Pătisserie Chocolaterie and feature new customised tea sets paired with Canelé sweet and savoury items.  Here are the pictures of the Lipton High Tea sets that are available:

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Lipton Yellow Label Tea with Lemon Macarons

The richly aromatic Lipton Yellow Label Tea delivers a full-bodied blend in a frame of soft taste. Wonderful with the butter cream-infused zesty macarons. Personally this is one of my favourite tea set as the lemon macarons really goes well with the yellow label tea.

Pict 3image004Lipton Citrus Tea with Traditional Salmon and
cucumber sandwich

Lipton citrus tea made with cocktail of refreshing lemon, orange, lime and grapefruit. Goes well with fresh and silky salmon and cucumber sandwiches.

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Lipton Forest Fruit Tea with Chicken Mini Burger

Refreshing harmonious blend of strawberry, raspberry, redcurrant, blackberry and cherry. Forest fruit tea is one of my fav lipton tea as i love the smell of fruity aroma once the tea leave infuses. This tea compliments with the poached chicken served with tomatoes, fresh lettuce and mayonnaise, enchased by a fluffy brioche.

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Lipton blue fruit tea with classic cheesecake

Calming balance of blackberry, blackcurrant and raspberry in the Lipton Blue Fruit Tea. Perfect to pair with velvety smooth vanilla cheesecake made with fresh and luscious cream cheese on sweet crumble base.

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Lipton Russian Earl Grey Tea with Le Chocolat Croustillant

Robust blend of Lipton Russian Earl Grey Tea made with gentle bergamot and sweet blue flowers and is paired with luscious 70% Vanini Cocoa mousse layered with crispy chocolate praline.

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Lipton Asian White Tea with Chestnut Cassis Sponge Cake

Lipton Asian white tea made with a blend of white tea and green tea mingled with rose petals. The white tea compliments with sweets treat of fluffy sponge cakes soaked with vanilla syrup and topped with chestnut cream infused with rum and cassis marmalade.

 If you wish to try out any one of the Lipton High Tea Set (first 420 redemptions a day), simply spend $25 at Plaza Singapura or $15 worth of Lipton products.

  • Redemption is only valid on day of purchase and be made by 8.30pm.
  • Each customer is entitled to one redemption a day.
  • Only original receipts are accepted.

Do try the Lipton high tea set as this is world first Lipton pop up high tea bar.Enjoy sipping your favourite Lipton tea while savouring Canelé sweet or savoury items!

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