I am so excited when doing up this short blog post. Just for sharing, YummyFoodBook had created a forum on the Rowenta OC7868 Oven on my blog. If you do have any tips or questions on the Rowenta oven, do feel free to discuss at the forum. Fret not if you do not own a Rowenta Oven, just create a new topic related to baking and start the thread rolling.

So to all Rowenta OC7868 Oven owners and bakers, do visit Rowenta OC7868 Oven Forum now!


  1. grace chua
    February 2015 at

    Hi I just received the Rowenta oven from my sister. Could you advise me what kind of food I can bake/cook in this Oven. The simpler ones for a start. I dun know when I should on the fan. Awaiting yr reply.

  2. Dariel
    February 2015 at

    Hi Grace,

    You can try grilling chicken chop with the below link:

    For a start, you can try baking muffin:

    For baking of chiffon cake, I am using fan mode. For butter cake, you can use traditional mode( top and bottom heat).

    Have fun baking! 🙂


  3. grace chua
    February 2015 at


  4. Christina
    February 2015 at

    Is a good way to link us up

  5. Dariel
    February 2015 at

    Hi Christina,

    Thanks for the comment.Do visit and share any tips or recipes at the rowenta oven forum. 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon at the forum.


  6. zarinah
    March 2015 at

    please advise me in regards to baking my Lemon Butter cake.
    I bake at fan mode 180 degrees.i put at no.2 rack from bottom for 45 minutes. But my top cake is very brown and hard and while centre is still wet after 35 minutes. what should I do and your advice please.
    THANK YOU in advance.

  7. Dariel
    March 2015 at

    Hi Zarinah,

    For butter cakes, you can try using pastries mode ( fan and bottom heat). Do refer to the link for more information:


  8. Kirchhoff
    May 2015 at

    Good day. I owned a Rowenta oven too.
    Does it mean tat I have to use pastry mode (2nd shelving from bottom) for all cakes ? Cause I also faced top cake burnt and raised fast. Thank u for ur advise

  9. Irene Ow
    June 2015 at

    My new oven ROWENTA OC 7868 was delivered on 29/5/15!!!
    Any precautions on what I shd n shdn’t for 1 st time using ?
    Can advise of where I can go for their demonstration of the oven . I m residing at Clementi. Thank you !

  10. Dariel
    June 2015 at

    Hi Irene,

    Great to hear that you had purchase the rowenta oven. Just to check where do you purchase the oven? Perhaps you can check with the sales person if there are any demonstration.


  11. Grace
    August 2015 at

    Hi Dariel

    I baked a banana cake using fan mode In my Rowenta oven. I used the 2nd rack from bottom. The top, bottom and sides of my cake turn brown quickly, before the cake was cooked. After 40 -45 minutes when it is done, the color is very much darker than my friend’s (also a Riwenta oven user). I made 3 attempts and the quick browning or darker than other Rowenta ovens results are present in my 3 attempts.

    Can you shed some light please?

    Thank you v much in advance.

  12. Suriah Aziz
    August 2015 at

    Good day. I owned a Rowenta oven too 🙂
    Rowenta Oven (OC7891) – 38L(white)

    It has steam cooking function but how do i use this function. I would like to bake a fruit cake using the steaming function.

    thank you for advise.

  13. Dariel
    August 2015 at

    Hi Grace,

    Just wondering if you have mix the cake batter properly. If the batter is not well mix, it will also cause the cake to turn brown easily. Do you also cover the cake pan with aluminium foil during the baking process?


  14. Grace
    November 2015 at

    Hi Dariel

    Thanks for reply but I only realized that I hv a reply from you now as I didn’t know how to use this platform.

    Though I m learning to bake but it has been confirmed that my oven is hotter than others. After sending to service center, it is better but I think precision is important especially in baking, so better is really not good enough.

    I am quite disappointed as I had sent it for servicing after purchase as I noted that part of the heating bar at the ceiling of oven was hanging in the air instead of staying nicely up there.

    Can’t help but wondering if I was sold a faulty piece.


  15. Dariel
    November 2015 at

    Hi Grace,

    Can understand your feeling. You can check out with the store that you had purchased the oven to see if you can do an exchange if the oven was bought recently.


  16. christine
    March 2016 at

    Is there any class/demo on Rowenta oven? Bought the oven but still not sure how to use it

  17. Felicia
    April 2016 at

    Is there a promotion now for Rowenta Oven as intend to change out my current oven which is too small for my frequent baking.

  18. Daniel
    April 2016 at

    Hi Daniel

    I am interested to attend classes on using Rowenta oven which I bought and still not sure how to use it.


  19. sharon
    May 2016 at

    So i was told that the rowenta oven i have is able to do brioche raising under one of its pre set programs, but it doesn’t said which one and how to set it. Does anyone know?

  20. Hwee
    August 2016 at

    Did u encounter any issues with the oven?
    Like inconsistent temperature on left n right side of the oven?
    Temp stay constant? .
    And oso inaccurate temp after the LCD screen “ok” sign had stop blinking?
    Cos mine don’t

  21. Molly Mok
    November 2016 at

    I had bought a Rowenta Oven & would like to know how to set it to bake cup cake using 2 trays. I need to bake 400 cups cake.
    Hope to have your reply ASAP.

  22. Dariel
    November 2016 at

    Hi Hwee,

    Till now I do not encountered any issue with the temperature. My bakes turn out well using the temperature stated from the book. If your oven is still under warranty, do check out with the store that you had bought from. 🙂


  23. Alice Ng
    April 2017 at

    Hi, I have been searching for oven for the last 2 Mths. Now I decided to buy this Rowenta white oven OC7891 38L. I understand from someone that there is a class to attend if I purchased the oven.

    May I know which Electrical shops that I can go buy that’s come with this free class.

    Alice Ng

  24. Dariel
    May 2017 at

    Hi Alice,

    You can see Mr Scharlie schedule in the below lin for purchase the rowenta oven:


  25. Lim Mei Ling
    June 2017 at

    I have just bought a Rowenta oven but kinda sad when the dripping tray scratched the inner oven. Is there any solution?

  26. Renee
    November 2017 at

    Hi, i recently bought the rowenta oven and tried baking macarons. The top shell was burnt and i suspect it’s because of the light that is not switch off. Can i check how do i switch off the lights in the oven when it is baking?

  27. Dariel
    November 2017 at

    Hi everyone,

    We have closed the forum due to spam and we just set up a closed group on Facebook with regards to using the Rowenta OC7868 oven for your kitchen needs. You can find the group through this link:

    Feel free to post photos of your bakes, share recipes, ask questions, asking for help with problems encountered during your baking with the Rowenta OC7868 oven or even raise awareness of latest Rowenta OC7868 oven deal if you happen to know one.

    p.s if you don’t have a Facebook account, don’t worry, you can still post your questions here in the comments section.

    See you guys there! 🙂

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