Time really flies and it is the starting of a brand new year. Welcome to 2011 and the first blog post of the year. Christmas had just passed with Chinese New Year in about 4 weeks time. It is time to bake Chinese New Year festive goodies and some recipes with the readers.  This is my blog post last year Jan on Pineapple tart recipe. Will be doing pineapple tarts this year too if time permit.

This is my first attempt in baking Kueh Baulu. Although the ingredients and steps in baking the Kueh Baulu are very simple, my first attempt had failed. The Kueh Baulu tasted rubbery and hard. The Kueh Baulu is not crispy on the outside too. It is difficult removing the Kueh Baulu from the moulding holder. However the appearance of the Kueh Baulu looks good as shown in the picture below.


After troubleshooting what had went wrong, I should not mix the eggs and sugar together at the same time. Instead, the eggs should be mix first and the sugar will be added slower and mix at a high speed. By mixing the egg and sugar together at the same, the mixture seems very thick and viscous and after adding the flour, the mixture had thickened and not smooth.

I shall try again with the correct method. Stay tune in my next post!

HAPPY 2011 to all!

Cheers! 🙂

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