Nothing beats home cook food and it will be great to whip up simple and yet delicious meal for your family. I had attended Knorr Blogger CookOut Session yesterday and was fortunate to have Chef Daniel Koh for sharing his Stir Fry Tom Chicken recipe with us.

Knorr Blogger CookOut @ Tott Cooking Studio

Every one gathers near Chef Daniel to listen and look at his cooking demonstration.

Knorr Products

Once you have the ingredients ready, the cooking time is less than 20 minutes. A hassle free meal that is suitable for working adults like us. The tom yam aroma fills the cooking studio and we got the chance to try out the dish cooked by Chef Daniel too. The chicken breast fillet is tender and tasty too. I am surprise on how Knorr tom yam cubes can do wonder to a dish.

You can try the below recipe to other white meat too. I can’t wait to try the recipe using fish fillet meat.

Stir Fry Tom Yam Chicken


1 nos chicken breast

1 cube Knorr Tom Yam Stock (Dissolve 1 Knorr Tom Yam Cube in 250mL of water)

1 tbsp Knorr Hao Chi

1/2 no lime slice

1/3 tsp lime zest

1 stick lemon grass cut into small pieces

1 leaf lime leave julienne

1 tbsp chopped onion

2 nos garlic slice

1 nos chili padi diced

1 stalk basil

1 tbsp coconut milk


1) Slice chicken breast and season with Knorr Hao Chi.

2) Heat pan with oil and fry chicken for 1 – 2 minutes. ( Remove and set aside)

3) Fried onion, garlic, lemongrass, lime leave till fragrant and add Knorr Tom Yam Stock.

4) Bring to boil and add the rest of ingredients and chicken breast.

5) Simmer till sauce almost dry and lace with coconut milk.

6) Plate and serve.

Chef Daniel posing with his stir fry tom yam chicken.

After cooking demonstration by Chef Daniel, it is time for Blogger cook out session. Each of the blogger will come with his/her family member and whip up a family recipe.

‘Mine’ cooking station

Frog and I had cooked stir fry chicken with ginger and scallion. It is a very simple and homely dish that my mum will prepare for us during raining days. Frog had helped to chop the ingredients and i am in charge of cooking the dish.

Posing while cooking. Look i can multi task!

Concentrating in cooking up the dish.

Stir fry chicken and straw mushrom with ginger and scallion

Stay tune of my next post on my stir fry and straw mushroom with ginger and scallion recipe.

It is a joy to cook together as a family as this can bring us closer together and improve bonding with one another.

Chef Daniel and me posing with our dish 

Chef Daniel and Frog

Knorr blogger cook out session had ended off with trying out food prepared by the bloggers. All the dishes are very savoury and delicious. We had a hearty and sumptuous meal prepared by everyone.

Dishes prepared by each blogger

Knorr Blogger CookOut 2013

I will like to thank Knorr for inviting us and Chef Daniel for the easy and yet yummy stir fry tom yam chicken recipe.

Knorr Public CookOut Competition

To encourage home cooking for quality family meals, Knorr is organising a public Cookout Competion themed “Your Ingredient to Happy Family Moments”  on 29 MAy 2013 Wednesday 10am at Tott Cooking studio. Chef Daniel Koh will be leading the panel of judges and sharing 10 original  recipes that are created and inspired by his own family recipes.

To participate, just form a team of two with one of your family members and send in the following details to from now to 12 may 2013:

1. Participants details, including name, date of birth, NIRC No, contact email and numbers and relationship of team members,

2. Name and photo of family recipe dish

3. Story behind the family recipe dish ( Limited to 100 words)

4. The recipe and Knorr product(s) used

5. Cost breakdown of dish (Limted to $30)

Participants of Cookout Competition stand a chance to win up to $8000 worth of prizes and share the stories behind their family recipes.

Do join this competion with your family member and have fun whipping up delicious dish!


  1. SG Food on Foot
    April 2013 at

    Didn’t get to introduce and chat with you during the Knorr Blogger Cookout session. Nice post and a great yummy homely dish. I look forward to meet you in future events.

  2. Dariel
    April 2013 at

    Hi Derrick,

    Your golden sand french beans dish is very tasty and colourful too. Do share your recipe and I look foward too in meeting you in future events. 🙂


  3. April 2013 at

    HAHA! Don’t we look like potiential housewives? LOL

  4. April 2013 at

    Sorry for the typo, too excited. i meant, potential.

  5. Dariel
    April 2013 at

    Hi Maureen,

    Yes both of us r concentrating cooking. .. hehe


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