I was at Isetan Scott supermarket last sat thinking of buying those cute little Japanese red bean pancakes in fish shape. I had tried those pancakes at frog’s uncle place and he told us that he bought the pancake at Isetan Scott supermarket. However, I and frog could not find it and we saw our favourite Japanese okonomiyaki. Okonomiyaki is said to be Japanese-style pizza.

The smell of the okonomiyaki is so tempting and nice that we can smell it from far. I and frog decided to get one and try. It is so delicious and we love the combination of cabbage, flour, egg, sotong, okonomiyaki sauce, mayo sauce, and the rice cracker on top of the okonomiyaki. The rice cracker is so crunchy and goes well with the okonomiyaki sauce. Totally in love with it.  It smells and taste so yummy and filling.

 Chef from Japan cooking the okonomiyaki

Sizzling Hot Okonomiyaki on the stove

Looking at the pictures now make me so hungry too. Time to go to the bed! It is only tuesday and 3  more days to weekend. Counting down! Good nitez!


  1. Kenneth
    June 2010 at

    Okonomiyaki no Honto….

    Unlike the pasar malam ones, this is the real thing.
    is this supermart Kimisawa? 🙂

  2. Dariel
    June 2010 at

    Hi kenneth,

    Yes it is the supermarket @ B1 Isetan scotts. 🙂

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