Happen to pop by Tom Palette and know that they are conducting ice cream making classes on Sunday morning. I am a fan of their ice cream and without hesitation I had emailed them to check on the price. The price of the ice cream making class is $60 for 2 hrs session and I find that the price is quite reasonable. Furthermore the ice cream is hand made without using the ice cream maker. That makes me want to learn more on how to make delicious ice cream that they are selling over @ Tom Palette. The class is held every sunday morning from 11am to 1 pm. I had asked Sharon if she is interested to join me and she readily agreed. This is the first time we go for cooking class together.


We are each given an ice cream recipe booklet on how to make various flavour of ice cream. Getting ready for hand on ice cream making. So excited!

 The teacher had introduce to us the ingredients and tools in making the ice cream. The main ingredients are whipped cream, full cream milk, sugar and egg yolk.

 After his explanantion, it is time for hands on ice cream making session. In this class, we are making horlick and chocolate ice cream. Below are some photos i had taken during the class.




 Making the custard

 Melting the chocolate   

 Me posing with the melted chocolate

 Ice cream buffet while waiting for the ice cream to solidify. We can choose and eat any ice cream. They even have lavender flavour ice cream.  Very unique flavour. You either love it or hate it.

Enjoying my ice cream while waiting for our hand made ice cream from the freezer.

 Nice cosy area

After some time of waiting, our ice cream is out of the freezer. Time to churn our ice cream!

 Churning in progress!

We had really had fun making the ice cream and I had not regretted attending this class. Tan and I had promised our friends to make ice cream for them. We shall fix a day soon for ice cream making and makan session. Practice make perfect and looking forward to make ice cream for them.

Been busy baking cupcakes for my friends as christmas gift and some orders from my sis, aunty and friends. I am glad that they like my cupcakes and it really makes my day hearing compliments from them. It really motivates me to bake more.

Time to head for the oven to bring the scones out. Stay tune for more updates!



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