The Spanish Paella is actually an easy dish to cook. It’s all about knowing your ingredients and the order in which to put them in the paella pan. Are you ready to whip up this dish and display them proudly in front of your family and friends? I will make this how-to recipe simple to read so here we go!

There are many variants to the approach of cooking the paella. I will use the above work as an example.


  1. 6-8 shrimps, deveined and leaving the head alone.
  2. 10 mussels, debearded.
  3. 3 stalks of spring onion, chopped (more if you like it to be).
  4. 1 fillet of salmon, sliced thick.
  5. 1 fillet of snakehead fish (or any other fish such as red snapper and the like), sliced thick.
  6. 200-300mg of saffron. (say you have 1g worth, just grab a quarter in estimate will do)
  7. Half of one red bell pepper, chopped.
  8. Half of one yellow bell pepper, chopped.
  9. One large yellow onion, chopped.
  10. 2-3 tablespoon minced garlic.
  11. Some olive oil.
  12. 4 garlic pork sausage (or any sausage of your choice), sliced thick.
  13. 3 chicken drumsticks.
  14. 800ml of chicken stock.
  15. 2 cups of Arborio rice (a substitute for Bomba rice)
  16. Salt .
  17. Pepper.

You have to prepare the above ingredients first before starting to cook the paella!!

How to cook:


1. Saute the shrimps with olive oil till they turns pink. Then, remove the shrimps only.


2. Add the chicken stock into the pan followed by the saffron. Leave it to simmer for 30 minutes.


3. After 30 minutes, the stock will turn dark yellow due to the saffron. Set this aside.


4. Season the chicken drumsticks with salt and pepper evenly on both sides (above right).


5. Brown the chicken drumsticks on all sides, make sure they are cooked on the outside. Set them aside after they are done.


6. Add some olive oil and saute the minced garlic for about 1 minute. Then add in the onions and sweat it for about 3 minutes. Add the bell peppers and sausage into the pan and give them a nice stir.


7. Add in the Arborio rice into the pan and make sure all the rice are coated with oil (You can see the rice are glossed as you stir to coat them).

8. Pour in the chicken-saffron stock simmered in Step (2). The stock should cover above the rice. “Bury” the chicken drumsticks in the rice using tongs to “wriggle”it in. Let it on slow heat for 10 minutes. DO NOT STIR THE RICE FROM HERE ON!

9. Add in the all the fish slices, shrimps and mussels and let it cook for 5 minutes (if the fish slices are not cooked, leave it for another 2 minutes or so). Here, if there isn’t enough stock in the pan, add appropriate amount to prevent it from burning.

10. Lastly, add the chopped spring onions and the paella is ready to serve. 

The paella recipe serves 4 people.

Buen Provecho!

  3 comments for “HOW TO COOK A PAELLA

  1. Zhixin
    September 2013 at

    Hi there, can i find out what size of paella pan did you use for the above recipe?

  2. Dariel
    September 2013 at

    Hi Zhixin,

    The size I used for the above recipe is 34cm. 🙂


  3. Zhixin
    September 2013 at

    Hi Kenneth,

    Thanks for the information! This recipe is next on my to-try list =p


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