Recently we had organised a gathering at our friend’s place. It is very nice of her to whip out many delicious home cook dishes for us. It makes us feel so warm and at home. Thank you for having us.

Here are the photos of the delicious food that she had cooked for us:







Stew Chicken With Carrots & Potatoes

Marinated TopShell

Steam Tofu with Mince MEat Garnish with lots of ‘Chong’

 Corn Soup

Simple dishes but cook with love and sincerity. Perhaps we should organise more of this gathering so that we can share recipe with one another not forgetting lazing in the house after a full meal. We had really enjoyed ourselves that day with yummy home cook food and of course the right company of friends.

Stay tune for my next post on the recipe for the corn soup. It is so simple to prepare and delicious too. Thanks friend for sharing the recipe with me.

Cheers! Mid Week and looking forward to the long weekend!

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